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Utilities Industry

The digital transformation for Utilities is taking on a major role, in the transition to renewable energy, in building monitoring and data collection systems using IoT (internet of things) and in following the new regulatory frameworks supported by governments.

With the deregulation and privatization of the utilities market, the competitiveness of the industry has skyrocketed. For this reason, differentiating yourself by offering a unique experience is the only way to gain a competitive advantage.

Main Challenges

Move from service providers to true consultants to personalize offerings and help people better.

Efficiently train contact center agents to keep up with the complex choices and demands of the customers and offer them the solutions and support they need.

Aid research and development through meaningful interactions that give insights into consumer needs and behavior.

Recognize vulnerable customers, and protect them by offering them the care they need through high-quality, and transparent customer service.

Analyze the interactions with customers to identify areas of improvement. Recognize the critical areas that lead to high operational costs.


Leveraging the vast amount of data available is crucial to rethinking your processes with a human-centered view. With Xdroid you will be able to recognize and visualize which are the main critical areas that impact the company’s reputation, which are the primary causes of customer dissatisfaction, and which are the aspects that hinder an impeccable service. Find insights on competitor mentions and what your customers are saying about them, identify who is at risk of churn, recognize key trends and behaviors.


– Call Categorization: By detecting specific expressions, the system can categorize calls into groups.
– Word Cloud: Discover which words are used the most and how they relate to other words.
– Sentiment & Speech Style: Detect customers with positive or negative sentiments and speech styles.


The main actions to take are related to:
– Better prepare your agents for the critical issues
– Offer not just technical, but emotional support
– Focus resources on critical areas
– Redesign complex processes


The result will be to guide your decisions through concrete and real feedback collected directly from customers, engaging in a process of co-creation to offer a unique service and thus have a competitive advantage in the market.

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