Understand your Agents.
Improve their Experience.
Ensure Retention.

Gain insights on agent performance and sentiment to discover areas of improvement and satisfaction levels. Develop personalised strategies and motivation incentives to improve engagement and well-being.

agent experience
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  • Agent sentiment
  • Areas of improvement
  • Knowledge levels
  • Performance comparisons
  • Agent support needs
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  • Targeted training & coaching
  • Empower & motivate
  • Real-time support
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  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Increased agent retention
  • Higher agent productivity

Ensure the well-being of agents with  Xdroid’s real-time solution 

Help your agents conquer the challenges at work:

  • Remote Work
  • Difficulty resolving customer issues 
  • Angry customers
  • Constant addition of new learning materials
  • Increased number of calls
  • Insufficient guidance and guidance from the supervisor.  


Agent Assist provides agents with detailed insights, automation, and guidance during the conversation.

Enjoy the results of excellent
Agent Experience

Increase loyalty and improve targets for agents by providing transparent and objective ratings of their performance. Offer agents the ability to see how they score against goals and KPIs in addition to how they compare against their peers. Xdroid’s real-time Agent Assist solution offers direct feedback to agents, significantly reducing costs and time spent on quality monitoring. Agent Assist will immediately coach agents on reaching KPIs, avoiding compliance issues, changes in sentiment, acoustic information (speak slower), and many other aspects. Alerts can be sent to management for direct assistance. The solution significantly reduces wrap-up time through automated call summarisation and provides automated lookups to respond to customer questions rapidly.

Our agents particularly like the solution because it gives them insight into their performance, and it provides them with actionable feedback. Agents love getting results and feedback immediately since that helps them to reach better ratings.
Senior business analyst, operational excellence - Insurance Company

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