Connecting through Customer Experience

Enhance your customer interactions with AI-driven solutions.

Telecommunications Industry

In a dynamic and saturated market with volatile customers, it is important to differentiate by providing a better consumer experience. Companies need to aim for absolute customer satisfaction and maximise their profits from their contact centers. This calls for a system in place to optimise their resources at the contact centers.

Main Challenges

Improve Customer Experience by reducing Average Handle Time (AHT).

Boost Customer retention by building loyalty and maintaining customer relationships.

Implement protocols to seize opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.


Increase the productivity and profitability of your contact centers with Xdroid’s AI-driven Speech Analytics solutions. Recharge your contact center agents with Real-Time and Offline Speech Analytics to boost their performance and elevate your customer experience.
Find insights on competitor mentions and what your customers are saying about them, identify who is at risk of churn, recognize key trends and behaviors.


  • Automated Quality Management:
    Analyse 100% of the calls, filter out the problematic ones and automatically evaluate the perofrmance of you agents.
  • Custom Reports & Alerts: Receive customized reports and alerts that notify you of critical issues at the right time to take timely action.
  • Predictive Analytics & CRM Integration: Predict your customers’ behaviors by combining CRM data.


Xdroid’s AI solutions empower your agents and company to take on the challenges of the industry and establish your superiority in the market by:

  • Effectively segmenting the market
  • Analyzing consumer attitude towards the company
  • Studying the success/failure of products and campaigns
  • Conducting research on consumer behavior
  • Measuring customer loyalty
  • Tracking competitive mentions


Team up with Xdroid’s real-time and offline solutions to gain a competitive advantage through more productive and profitable customer service, which will bring greater customer satisfaction by gaining customer loyalty.

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