Understand your Customers.
Meet their Needs.
Drive Satisfaction.

Understand the true reasons behind your customers’ calls, as well as their sentiments. Improve the management of complaints and recognise patterns in behaviour.

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  • Sentiments and emotions
  • Negative experiences
  • At risk of leaving customers
  • Customer needs and expectations
  • Escalation requests
  • Competitor mentions
  • Areas of opportunity
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  • Fix product & service problems
  • Manage complaints correctly
  • Personalise experiences
  • Establish best practices
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  • Loyal & satisfied customers
  • Positive reviews
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Competitive advantage

Enjoy the results of excellent Customer Service

Detect specific words, expressions, or phrases to identify the reasons customers are calling, as well as the associated sentiment. Integrate your NPS and CSAT scores and find correlations between the NPS-value and the length of the call, the amount of silence, music on hold, specific words or expressions being used during the conversation. Ensure your customers are getting their problems resolved efficiently by the first responder at the quickest possible time through tracking FCR and their call journey on our platform.

30.4% increase in customer retention.

• Identification of customers that want to cancel contracts through keyword and emotion detection
• Discovery of best customer retention practices

• 30.4% customers at risk of leaving successfully identified
• Over € 400 000  of revenue saved

Project Info:
• Telecommunications company, 200 + agents
• 200,000 + monthly analysed calls

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