Manually and randomly
evaluating calls?

Save your time for what really matters by automating quality monitoring on 100% of customer interactions.

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Xdroid’s main features for Quality Managers

Automated Quality Management

VoiceAnalytics processes 100% of the conversations and can (pre)filter out nearly 70% of all problematic conversations that require further attention. Automatically upload agent performance to the agent scorecard.

Custom Reports & Alerts

Users can create custom reports based on criteria that can be defined for all the different analytics parameters that the system can monitor. Alerts can be linked with each report to inform the user of the availability of a new report.

Escalation Requests & Reasons

The number of escalation requests can be tracked over time, and the (pre- programmed) reasons for escalations are monitored and displayed at various levels of the company.

Quality Managers can now…

  • Automatically score 100% of the conversations
  • Combine automated with manual KPI evaluations
  • Be notified of critical calls that need attention
  • Get objective and detailed overview on agent performance
  • Spot weak points to design training programs
  • Monitor Compliance and KPI adherence in the blink of an eye
  • Create customized reports based on quality metrics
  • Immediately provide online feedback to agents
  • Get rid of Excel scorecards

Have high performing agents, better call handling and excellent customer service!

technology for contact center quality managers

How Quality Manager Kylie got results with Xdroid

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