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Increase sales conversion rates and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

sales and marketing managers

Xdroid’s main features for Sales & Marketing Managers

Comparison module

Compare groups of calls based on different elements and discover patterns in keyword selection, productivity, and acoustic metrics.

Keyword Detection

Research phrases and keywords to recognize any content of interest in calls. The system is also capable of detecting out of dictionary words.

Sentiment & Speech Style Analytics

Xdroid provides a language-independent emotion analytics engine based on speech styles (happiness, disappointment, unhappiness, and uncertainty). However, language-based sentiment detection is also part of the solution.

Sales & Marketing Managers can now…

  • Increase ROI
  • Spot patterns that lead to successful sales
  • Implement best-selling practices
  • Detect up-selling or cross-selling opportunities
  • Check if agents are respecting campaigns and promotions
  • Discover behavior of customers

Improve the selling capabilities of your agents, gain insights on your marketing campaigns and increase revenue!

How Sales & Marketing Manager Sara got results with Xdroid

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