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Make product and service adjustments based on real customer feedback and needs.

Product Manager Call Center

Xdroid’s main features for Product Managers

Keyword Detection

Research phrases and keywords to recognize any content of interest in calls. The system is also capable of detecting out of dictionary words.

NPS & CSAT Integration

In addition to accepting NPS values as metadata for each conversation, the system
also allows one to explore the various reasons behind the NPS & CSAT scores.

Predictive Analytics & CRM Integration

VoiceAnalytics provides you with your own data analyst. Combine your CRM data with the outcome of each call and do sophisticated analysis that predict your customers behavior.

Product Managers can now…

  • Detect product/service related sentiments
  • Measure product/service popularity
  • Gather product/service feedback
  • Discover not yet targeted customer needs
  • Uncover competitor mentions and comparisons

Truly understand your customers and cater their needs and wants through your company’s products & services, ensuring customer loyalty.

How Product Manager Mary got results with Xdroid

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