Monitor 100% of calls. Improve Performance. Provide flawless Service.

Monitor 100% of calls. Improve Performance. Provide flawless Service.

Automatically evaluate and score calls, filtering critical and problematic conversations that need further attention, spotting areas of improvement.

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  • Protocol and KPI adherence
  • Critical calls
  • Delivered service achievements
  • Problem Solving
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  • Adjust agent numbers
  • Train & coach individually
  • Fix broken processes
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  • High performing agents
  • Better call handling
  • Better service for customers

Enjoy the results of efficient Quality Monitoring

When manually selecting conversations for inspection, approximately only 1% – 3% of interactions can be played back and assessed in an acceptable amount of time. VoiceAnalytics automatically processes 100% of the conversations and can pre-filter out nearly 70% of all critical and problematic conversations that require further attention. Critical points are highlighted visually on each analysed conversation, and can be quickly and easily played back from that specific point. In the quality management module, calls can be evaluated and scored immediately using a scoring system in which the quality criteria can be customised.

Dozens of critical calls identified per week + Reduction of silence and music on-hold periods from 31.3% to 28%

Insights on:
• Complaint calls
• Silence times
• Churn risks

• Customer retention workflow for complaint prevention

• Quality Managers have more time to focus on the improvement of quality and customer satisfaction
• Improved Customer Retention
• Reduction of silence and music-on-hold periods

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