High agent turnover rates?

Ensure excellent agent experience, providing them the necessary tools to maintain job satisfaction.

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Xdroid’s main features for Human Resource Managers

Recommending Actions

Support agents through automated recommendations based on sentiment, acoustic, and content information.

Automated Call Summarization

Reduce agents’ wrap-up time by capturing a summary of every call that can be copied straight into any CRM.

Real-Time Sentiment Detection

The system captures if the customer sentiment is neutral, positive or negative during the call and alerts the agents so they can take immediate action.

Human Resource Managers can now…

  • Detect agent sentiment & support needs
  • Provide agents real-time support
  • Improve agent experience
  • Provide agents insights on their own performance
  • Boost agent skills
  • Ensure fair and transparent evaluations

Have agents with higher job satisfaction, increase agent retention and boost agent productivity!

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How Human Resources Manager Joe got results with Xdroid

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