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Extract valuable insights out of your AWS based contact center with Xdroid’s Speech Analytics solutions.

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Contact Center Optimization with Xdroid and AWS

Xdroid can now be fully integrated with Amazon’s flexible and cloud-based contact center services. With the integration you can now easily export all your customer interaction data, such as call recordings and metadata, from Amazon Connect to VoiceAnalytics or Agent-Assist, for both offline and real-time analysis. VoiceAnalytics can then help your contact center improve productivity, compliance quality management, customer satisfaction and sales through the detail analysis of 100% of the conversations. The results of the speech to text transcription analysis can then be delivered back into your AWS contact center environment, where you can then harness the data to take actions and take your organization to the next level.

Integrate Speech Analytics to Amazon Connect

Xdroid has deployed thousands of agents on AWS offline, as well as real-time.

What you can expect from the integrated solution:

• Both real time and offline solution fully integrated with Amazon Connect and hosted on AWS allows for flexible up and down scaling in highly secure environment

• Very content rich solution supports agents and management and many use cases, lots of standard reporting capabilities as well as custom reporting

• Embedded Integrated Quality Monitoring, Customer Journey Management and many other features

• State of the art Graphical User Interface

• Advanced Composer for highly accurate KPI analysis

• Highly scalable and efficient (proprietary) language and acoustic engine taught on contact center conversations

•Agile organization that can quickly adapt to customer needs

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