Difficult to meet contact center goals?

Have a 360 degree view of all customer interactions and take your contact center to the next level.

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Xdroid’s main features for Contact Center Managers

Goal Setting & Feedback

Development goals can be set per agent, per agent group, or for the entire contact center. Personalized weekly or daily advice can be generated for each agent about, for example, the use of keywords or the amount of silence.

Productivity & Performance Tracking

The continuous measurement of feedback about agent productivity (speech) and non- productivity (music, silence, overlapping speech), and KPI performance, allow to decrease call handling and waiting times, discovering areas of training and improvement.

FCR & Customer Journey

Voice analytics can track calls over time against a case ID and customer ID to determine how efficiently customers are being helped.

Contact Center Managers can now…

  • Remotely view contact center activities
  • Detect unproductivity reasons
  • Reduce non-productivity periods in calls
  • Compare performance across groups
  • Keep track of contact center objectives
  • Detect call reasons & popular topics
  • Follow FCR metrics & customer journey
  • Get an objective overview of customer experience
  • Ensure positive call outcomes with real-time analytics

Have a high performing contact center, engaged agents and improved customer experience.

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