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Public Sector and Government Instituitions

COVID-19 has been a cause for acceleration in the digital transition of public and government services. With restrictions and social distancing, there has been a need to think about how to reduce physical interactions in favor of digital ones and how to leverage technology for improved services.

Main Challenges

Meet the expectations of citizens by effectively managing new digital channels and providing excellent service.

Improve the customer experience by reducing the long, stressful, and exhausting bureaucratic processes.

Help agents and operators stay updated and adapt to the changing regulations.

Reduce onboarding and operational costs by focusing efforts on critical areas, efficient and targeted training.

Gain the trust of the citizens and add to their satisfaction through increased transparency and accountability.


Leverage your data to understand how to improve and expedite service for citizens.

Guide agents with real-time tips and best practices to ensure valid services transparency and clarity.


  • In call KPI’s and compliance checking: Allow agents to monitor KPI’s and compliance during calls.
  • Recommending next best actions: Support agents through automated recommendations based on sentiment, acoustic, and content information.
  • Custom reports and alerts: Customise reports based on criteria that can be defined using different analytics parameters.


Turns insights into concrete actions such as:

  • Adopt a data-driven approach to improve decision-making and redefine complex processes
  • Give the right information to agents at the right time
  • Intervene promptly on critical calls.


As a result of adopting Speech Analytics solutions, you can truly understand the needs of the citizens, and provide clear and transparent services with professional and knowledgeable agents, all with better time management.

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