Spot Trends.
Drive Efficiency.
Lower Costs.

Decrease call handling and waiting times through continuous and automated measurement of agent productivity and non-productivity within conversations.

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  • Call Handling
  • Average handling times
  • On-hold and waiting times
  • Unproductivity reasons
  • FCR metrics
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  • Set objectives & goals
  • Train agents on individually
  • Motivate your teams
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  • Increased profit
  • Engaged agents
  • Improved customer experience

Enjoy the results of Productivity

Track productivity at an individual, group, departmental and general level, easily identifying long silence and music on hold periods. Compare productivity data such as “Noise”, “Speech”, “Music”, “Silence” and “Crosstalk” across agents and across different time periods. Spot trends and relations between unproductive time and emotions, and have everything shown in clear actionable  graphs. Track how productive your agents are at resolving a problem and determine how efficient customers are being helped through Xdroid’s FCR module.

Success Story: 4% productivity increase + 2500 hours freed to handle more calls

Insights on:
• Productivity metrics in calls
• Agent and general contact centre efficiency

• Average handling time (AHT) reduced by 19 seconds
• 3.2% reduction in used working hours
• 4% productivity increase
• 2500 hours freed

Project Info:
• Insurance company, 100 agents
• 50,000 calls analysed per month

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