Forging Deeper Relations

Xdroid’s mission is to transform customer experience and contact center performance through analytics software based on artificial intelligence. We automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable information and insights about each conversation by processing all customer interactions. We are committed to helping you build strong relationships with your customers with the power of AI. We want to take your business to the next level with valuable insights based on comprehensive analysis.


Our Vision & Values

In this customer centric world, we want Xdroid to be the missing puzzle piece for every company seeking to have excellent and long lasting relationships, not only with their customers but also with their customer-facing employees. We want to be at the forefront of innovation by continously developing our solutions’ features by closely working and listening to the feedback of our partners and customers.

Client-First Approach

We are committed to putting our client’s needs and aspirations for
growth first. We combine our resources and expertise into working with them and providing them with best-in-class service.

Employee Well-being

Employees are the core of any business. Our solutions are designed and developed so as to ease the load on employees and aid their overall well-being.

Actions & Results

We do, then tell. We are a proactive action driven company, if we see something can be done to improve the sector or our customer experience, we get down to work.

Cultural Diversity

We believe in creating a collaborative work environment that embraces diversity. A multicultural environment facilitates growth and allows us to learn to from each other.

Equality & Inclusion

We function together as a team that respects and values every voice in the room. Creating an equal and inclusive work culture facilitates the growth of everyone on the team.

Innovation & Agility

At Xdroid, innovation never stops. We take the market challenges, and needs of our clients with an agile mindset. We are constantly working on updates and upgrades that enhance our overall customer experience.

Our Journey


Founded in Hungary


Launch of speaker separation, keyword and emotion detection


Won EU tender to develop emotion-based prediction engine


Started the development of an emotion detection system for call centers


Research on natural language processing, machine learning, real-time speech, emotion detection, and predictive analytics


 Launched MorphoRank, a predictive analytics application based on AI


Launched BinPad, a family of applications with numerous usage areas


Launched VoiceAnalytics


Became International and set up Headquarters in Belgium


Entered the British, Indian and Dutch markets


Launched VoiceAnalytics V3 and entered the Dach Market


Launched Real-Time AgentAssist and entered the Spanish- speaking Markets


Launched Interaction Analytics, and entered the French and Portuguese Markets


Launched new NLP-based features, NPS prediction model, and Sales-Stages Model

2024- present

Launched our very own LLM, Xdroid IQ and zero-touch service, Xdroid BI

The Executive Management Team

Attila Bódogh


Attila majored in Information Technology at the University of Obuda, Budapest, Hungary. He also holds an MSc in Finance and an MBA degree. He started his career in Datawarehousing and business intelligence. Attila Co-Founded Xdroid and is CTO and overall product responsible.

István Fehér


István combines an engineering degree in Information Technology with a master’s and MBA in finance. He started in Business Intelligence and was the CEO at Nextent before co-founding Xdroid. Istvan is managing director for all Xdroid’s R&D activities and the legal entity in Hungary.

Gerry De Graaf


Gerry holds an MSc. Degree in materials engineering from Delft University. He was the V.P. for Central, North and Eastern Europe for Alcatel-Lucent. Gerry is currently responsible for managing Xdroid’s marketing and sales activities and is the managing director of the Belgian entity.

Non-executive Board members

Peter Roelens

Peter graduated as Commercial Engineer. Over the years, he built Nextel and become one of Belgium’s largest system integrators. Peter sold Nextel to Telenet in 2018, and is currently a principal investor in Xdroid and is involved in many business activities combined in the LinqUp investment group.

Nico Crauwels

Nico graduated as an economist from the University of Ghent and Antwerp, Belgium. After a career at KBC bank, he joined the Cordeel Group, where he became their Finance Group Director. He now manages the operational activities for the Linqup group as well as the finance domain for Xdroid.

Business Analyst Recognition & Awards

DMG Consulting Recognition

Xdroid has been featured three consecutive years since 2019 in DMG’s Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report as one of the 8 world leading Speech Analytics providers.
We will be present in 2022’s report as well.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices

We were recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 European Voice and Facial Analytics Technology Innovation Leadership Award.
You can read the corresponding report here.

UK National Innovation Award

Together with our partner Avoira we won 2021’s UK National Innovation Award in the Remote Employee Producitivity and Performance, thanks to the positive impact of our solutions on remote working agents.

UK Contact Center Awards Finalists

Our partner Capita was finalist in 2021’s UK National Contact Center Awards due to their Assisted Customer Conversations project, which is based on Xdroid’s real-time speech analytics solution Agent Assist.

Comms National Awards

Xdroid’s partners, Avoira and FourNet emerged as finalists for their respective categories. Avoira was nominated for ‘Best SME Managed Service Customer Solution’ and ‘Best SME Contact Centre Customer Solution’, whereas FourNet was nominated for ‘Best Reseller Innovation Award’.

Xdroid in a Nutshell