Better Practices.
More Conversions.
Higher Revenue.

Identify patterns in sales conversations and establish best practices for your sales teams to follow for successful conversions.

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  • Successful vs. unsuccessful calls
  • Repeating patterns
  • Common characteristics
  • Missed opportunities
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities
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  • Train on best sales Agent practices and behaviour
  • Adapt scripts
  • Establish best sales protocols and practices
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  • Increased sales conversion
  • Improved upsell capabilities
  • Revenue Generation


Enjoy the results of Call Center Revenue Generation

Increase sales conversion rates through the analysis of successful and unsuccessful sales attempts in your call center. Reveal differences in speech style, keywords and other meaningful metrics for both direct sales and inbound calls. Monitor if agents are offering promotions correctly through Xdroid’s keyword detection capabilities.

Success Story: 13,7 % increase in sales conversion rates and more than 3400 additional products and services sold.

• Analysing efficiency during first-attempt negotiations on outbound sales
• Identifying customers who refused, but showed uncertainty

• 13,7% increase in sales through successful conversion of undecided customers
• Identifying customers who refused but showed uncertainty

Project Info:
• Telecommunications company, 200 + agents
• 200.000 + monthly analyzed calls

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