“Speech Analytics Enhances Deep Understanding of the Customer”

Are you familiar with the benefits of speech analytics? Today, Xdroid’s newest addition Dácil Borges,  Global Director of Consultancy explores the world of customer experience with a focus on Speech Analytics. 

In this interview, which was originally featured in Contact Center Hub, Ms Borges will share her perspectives on how Xdroid’s technology is transforming the way companies understand and improve customer interactions. She will be drawing from her experience to the benefits and tangible results she has witnessed in real cases. Additionally, there will also be a discussion on what we know as ‘Voice of the Customer’ or VoC. 

Let’s delve right into it:

1) You join Xdroid with extensive experience in the world of customer experience. How do you approach this new challenge you face?

I am delighted to join Xdroid, a company specializing in speech analytics and Voice of the Customer (VoC). I have worked with them for over 2 years as providers, and I believe everything we have learned together in the world of customer experience will undoubtedly add significant value to our comprehensive approach to improving interactions and customer satisfaction.

Firstly, we understand that customer experience is a crucial aspect of any successful company. Implementing Xdroid’s innovative speech analytics technology allows us to extract valuable information from interactions between customers and agents. This advanced approach enables us to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement efficiently, which in turn allows companies to make more informed decisions and improve their processes.

Regarding the aspect of Voice of the Customer (VoC), we are committed to understanding customers’ expectations and needs to ensure that our products and services are aligned with their demands. I will be focusing on the implementation and continuous improvement of our VoC solutions, allowing companies to gain valuable insights directly from their customers and transform those insights into concrete actions.

In this new role, I hope to make a significant impact on our clients’ businesses and work closely with our partners and complementary companies.

2) One of your strengths is speech analytics. What would you say are its biggest benefits?

Speech analytics is a very powerful tool with a variety of benefits for companies looking to improve the customer experience and optimise their operations. One of the greatest benefits of speech analytics is a deep understanding of the customer. Speech analytics can analyse large volumes of interactions, and identify patterns and trends, allowing companies to better understand customer preferences and behaviours.


To improve customer experience, we also offer a VoC model, which includes in-call NPS, CSAT, and CES, that identifies emotions expressed during interactions, helping companies understand the tone of conversations and address customer concerns more effectively.

We have also developed vertical solutions for different industries that help define KPIs and a focused implementation plan to “Close the loop.”

Our approach is based mainly on VoC, process and operations optimization, service quality measurement, proactive risk management and compliance, actionable feedback, and increased profitability.

Speech analytics, thus, not only provides deep insight into customer interactions but also offers practical tools for continuous improvement, strategic decision-making, and creating exceptional experiences for customers.

3) To contextualize for those interested in implementing this type of technology, what results can it bring? Could you give us an example?

We have a client in Brazil who has achieved a 220% lead generation, thanks to identifying potential upselling opportunities through the analysis of their multichannel integrations, chat, and voice.

Thanks to our VoC model and the recent launch of NLP functionalities, we have managed to provide in-call NPS results, detect root causes, resolution rates, and the % of transfers in just 48 hours for one of the leading car leasing companies in Europe.

Another example is in the UK, where we have a very interesting project on agent vulnerability and measuring their stress levels with the UK Police. Their agents have to deal with a lot of difficult cases and having our real-time speech analytics solution by their side helps. We measure more than 100 KPIs that allow us to account for the percentage of risk and take proactive measures so that agents can perform their tasks at the highest level, ensuring their well-being.


For a client in the Telecom Industry, we have also made a huge difference when it comes to cancellation rates. We have managed to reduce the level of service cancellation by 12.3%, which in terms of ROI translates to about €90,000.

4) What should a company that wants to implement this technology do before getting involved in the process?

In reality, there aren’t many prerequisites. First and foremost, it’s important to have clear objectives you want to achieve, and if you’re not very sure, our consultancy team,  of experts can conduct a preliminary analysis and suggest, according to the vertical, some initial improvement lines that are very easy to implement and see quick results.

Then we will look for the best model of integration via API connectors, as we have some standard ones for Genesys, 8×8, AWS, etc., or through batch via sFTP. In any case, we provide easy-to-use solutions where the client can also always count on the support of our technical team.

5) How soon can we see all the results you’ve mentioned?

If you want to start quickly, we have pre-configured Use Cases and NLP models that allow us to obtain results within 1 week from when we receive the audio.

6) What other tools will add value to speech analytics?

CRM, CMS, and BI tools that are easily connectable will always enrich the data and provide a much broader view of the business opportunities.

Note from Xdroid

2024 is going to be a monumental year for Xdroid. We are constantly looking for new ways to help companies elevate their Customer Service and Customer Experience, whether it’s enhancing our solutions with new technologies like NLP or expanding on our offerings as a company. Our goal is to help companies up their game and achieve their business goals. 

Strap in for an exciting ride with Xdroid!

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