Why the Public Sector Needs Speech Analytics

The public sector and the emergency service industry deeply impact customers. In some form or the other, they are part of the everyday lives of consumers.

In recent years with increasing privatisation, consumers have been interacting with companies and organisations that follow a consumer-centric business model and give importance to the overall consumer experience. Citizens act as consumers and expect a similar approach and standard of service from the public sector. And they are rightfully demanding better service and experience. 

These sectors often have to deal with vulnerable citizens as well. This requires the agents on the other side of the call to have proper coaching and sensitivity training. The managers, supervisors, and agents have increased responsibility of making the callers feel heard, that their concerns will be addressed and that their opinion matters. Appropriate treatment of vulnerable callers is necessary. This responsibility, however, could also be a lot to handle for the agents, and their burnout could be inevitable. 

Importance of good CX for the Public Sector

Accenture’s survey in 2022 of 5,500 consumers and 3,000 public service workers in 10 countries brings to light what the customers expect from the public service sector today. It highlights that this sector needs a fresh perspective on how they plan on serving the citizens. 

“Agencies that combine digital technology and human ingenuity can deliver the fundamentals that people expect—simplicity, humanity and security.”

Customer service in this industry is also important to maintain peace and build trust and faith in the consumers for the system. In the case of Emergency services, the situation is more serious because it is a matter of public safety with no room for error.  They need to be able to respect the system, understand the procedures, and know their rights. They should view this sector as capable. 

McKinsey & Company conducted a customer experience benchmarking survey of more than 20,000 citizens across 140 government services in seven countries. The research revealed a powerful correlation between CX and the benefits to the citizens. 

“…better customer experience can help every agency—be it national parks or tax—have a quantifiable impact on the outcomes that matter, including achieving the mission, managing to budget, mitigating risk, improving employee morale, and (most important) strengthening public trust.” 

How Speech Analytics can help the Public Sector

The high-stakes situation in this sector calls for an efficient and effective system. This system can be set in place by harnessing the power of AI and getting the most out of the data. Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics and Real-Time AgentAssist can elevate interactions for this sector. 

Speech Analytics can revolutionise operations for the Public Sector and Emergency services. With optimising AI and data, organisations can transform their service for the better. 

Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics can:

  1. Facilitate the proper categorization of calls
  2. Do quick and accurate analysis to ensure nothing is missed
  3. Generate precise reports that can be customised for different categories and cases
  4. Highlight common issues and escalations 
  5. Simplify the setting up of new departments and committees with specific insights 
  6. Reduce the risk of human error with compliance checks and reports that can flag non-compliant agents and calls
  7. Summarize calls in an automated way 

The service can be further elevated with Xdroid’s real-time AgentAssist which can:

  1. Identify customer vulnerabilities. This feature will identify 100 potential indicators of vulnerability among consumers like callers with caregiving responsibilities, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, long-term illness, mental health issues, etc. 
  2. Prompt agents with real-time recommendations to deal with different kinds of issues
  3. Speed up the service with pop-ups and dashboards that provide agents with all customer information 
  4. Regulate service with real-time KPI and Compliance monitoring through checklists
  5. Alert managers and supervisors about escalations
  6. Facilitate real-time management by allowing managers to follow calls live and send messages with recommendations 
  7. Prevent agent burnout by improving agent experience and reducing their workload with automated features like auto-summarisation. 

These solutions are designed to raise the bar for customer service and experience with reduced FCR, and AHT. They have a positive impact on the satisfaction levels of both the agents and callers. Follow along with our case study below to see how speech Analytics can be a game changer for emergency services.

Case Study

Xdroid’s roster of solutions can be implemented and serves its benefits to companies across different sectors. However, the needs of the Emergency Services are unlike that of the commercial private sector industries. Their priorities are different but the beauty of Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics is that it can deliver exactly what our clients need. 

The main issue for our client, an emergency services branch in the UK was understanding the demands of the citizens calling in. Before implementing the solution the contact center agents were not logging in the reasons for the calls properly, especially if they were non-emergent. Back then they estimated that 50% of the calls were not an emergency. These were low-level reports like complaints against the neighbour’s loud dog. The agents did not bother to log in such calls and tried to terminate the conversation with this type of caller as soon as possible to get to the callers waiting with an actual emergency. 

Benefits of Speech Analytics for the Public Sector

After applying VoiceAnalytics, they created tags that simplified the process of categorisation and could properly identify the demand from their entire volume of calls.  

The benefits of the VoiceAnalytics for Emergency Services extend to:

  • Understanding Demand: When the organisation understands the interactions on all of their channels, especially their emergency helpline numbers are becoming overwhelmingly complex, they can turn to Speech Analytics to simplify matters. VoiceAnalytics can help them sort through the calls and understand the demands of the citizens. They can quickly go over the unclogged calls, and reduce non-emergent, preventable demand. Calls, where the FCR team could focus their attention, can be identified. This kind of categorisation will help the agents serve the public better. 
  • Agent Well-Being: The organisation can empower its agents and supervisors by equipping them with state-of-the-art infrastructure. This will not only help reduce their workload but also protect their health and well-being. The combination of conversational analysis and tone detection can also highlight calls where the customer becomes aggressive with the agent. The solution can alert the superiors to step in and help the agent in dealing with the abusive customer. 
  • Caller Well-being:  Emergency services have to deal with hundreds of citizens who are either vulnerable or feeling vulnerable. Xdroid can help organizations identify 100 potential indicators of vulnerability among consumers like consumers with financial problems, caregiving responsibilities, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, long-term illness, mental health issues, etc. This will allow these calls to be given the attention they need and dealt with effectively. The solution also allows the organization to ensure that each vulnerability is followed by the respective proper course of action with KPI checks. 
  • Quality Assurance: Designing Call tags and categories to identify key terms give the organisation a chance to apply a quality assurance scorecard. They can further automate the process, consistently across all the calls, all the agents and operators. This exercise brings to light both the agents who require additional training and the agents who are performing at a high level and deserve recognition by the supervisors and managers. 
  • Inter-departmental engagement: VoiceAnalytics supports and ensures smooth operations between different departments and partner agencies like Mental Health Services, and Social Services. The reports and analysis provide valuable insights for the way forward and discussions. This solution also allows optimal resource allocation with data that highlights the categories with high demand where the agents might be overwhelmed. 
  • Post-Call Analysis: VoiceAnalytics allows organisations to maintain a database of transcriptions. 100% of the calls can be analysed, which can provide critical insights and information for investigations. 

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