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With TextAnalytics integrated into our VoiceAnalytics platform, contact centers can get a 360-degree customer view coming from any communication channel. An agent can be assigned to either text or voice analytics or both solutions.

The AI-fuelled software analyses text from emails, chats, Social Media interactions, reviews, surveys and Net Promotor Score comments by automatically recognizing the positive and negative meaning of phrases and summarizing the answers’ key topics and hidden patterns with near human-level precision.

Text capabilities are added to the speech-to-text functions and real-time alerts; this gives a new angle to emotion analytics: true emotion detection is based on speech markers rather than keywords, but TextAnalytics combines both for an even higher accuracy.

How do TextAnalytics work?

Positive and negative phrases are recognized as well as connecting topics, brands, places, and persons. A highlighted phrase receives an opinion index with a score that is added up, to give an overall rating of the text.

Irony, which is often used in comments and reviews, is categorized as negative rather than positive.

Key topics and keywords are identified with the number of times they are mentioned and with polarity (positive or negative) to bring attention to focus areas.

Alerts and notifications can be set up, for example, for negative emails or topics that require immediate attention.

TextAnalytics integrates seamlessly with VoiceAnalytics. The dashboard shows contact center agents how they are performing.

Topics in calls are categorized automatically as positive and negative and are plotted against emotions associated with the content to visualize their TNPS rating and opinion index.

Automatically analyze any quantity of text with human-level accuracy. Identify the main topics and patterns, quantify main opinions and analyze targeted questions.


Customers today, want to be able to use the communication channel of their choice to communicate to their brands or service providers, and even though today telephony and email are still on the top of that list, other channels like web chat and text messages are on the rise as well. Hence, the contact center of today is an Omni-Channel contact center.

Preferred communication channels

That is why Xdroids chose to enhance its VoiceAnalytics solution with Text- and EmailAnalytics.

In most cases, to get in touch with customer service via email, a generic email box like support@company.com or service@company.com is used.

This way emails with lots of different topics and issues, requiring different levels of attention from an expertise and urgency point of view, all end up in the same inbox. It comes down to manually going through every email or, in its simplest automated form, forwarding emails based on the subject line information.

Because manual categorization is labour intensive and not the most efficient, Xdroid developed EmailAnalytics to automate the analysis and routing of emails coming into the contact center.

Xdroid’s TextAnalytcis analyzes the content of the email to extract key topics, places, brands and persons in addition to the sentiment of the email through identification and analysis of positive and negative words, phrases and opinions.

EmailAnalytics allows users to define rules for routing emails to particular mailboxes. These rules are a combination of criteria for the various elements of the TextAnalytics results. This way, an email that has a very negative overall opinion score and contains the words “cancel and contract” can be immediately forwarded to the team that handles complaints (see screenshot) while a simple positive “Thank you” email does not need any further processing.

This is how EmailAnalytics contributes to cost reduction and increased customer experience for customers interacting via email with today’s contact centers!

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