Xdroid was at IPExpo

One of the events IP Expo incorporates is AI-Analytics X, the hottest topic in IT right now. It explores how Artificial Intelligence is causing major disruption across all industries. Even though most contact centers are recording their calls, very few of them are maximising its value in terms of managing the customer journey and maximising sales. The insights gained through analytics are incredibly powerful, and can be used to grow your business while identifying areas of opportunity. AI facilitates the analysis of data on a massive scale to understand customers and  opportunities, better. AI is ingrained in science fiction, but it’s no longer a technology of the future. Deep Learning powered by massive amounts of data provides greater opportunities for new innovations.

This year’s 15,671 attendees at the two day event had exclusive access to over 300 exhibitors and over 250 exclusive seminar sessions, including an incredible opening day one keynote from legendary astronaut, Chris Hadfield. The former commander of the International Space Station regaled the audience with tales of his time orbiting the earth and left a strong message on the importance of collaboration. Contact center supervisors and quality managers were curious about how to transform customer engagement with artificial intelligence. They arrived with challenges and left with solutions on how to improve customer experience with artificial intelligence analytics.

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