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This webinar is an introduction to Xdroid’s Voice and Text Analytics for Contact Centers. In the webinar, we will show you all the benefits of our software.

Voice (or speech) and Text Analytics are a hot topic. And rightfully so. It is a game-changer for contact centers in any market. But what exactly does that mean; analytics powered by AI and Machine Learning? How can AI and Machine learning help you to transform the performance of your contact center? And how do these analytics work? But also, how do they improve my CX, compliance, agent performance, and well being or sales conversion rates? We will gladly answer these and other questions and show what a difference Xdroid VoiceAnalytics, TextAnalytics, and OperatorAssist can make for any contact center.

What is Voice Analytics?

Xdroid’s Voice Analytics solution is an Automated Performance Management platform for contact centers based on speech and True Emotion Analytics. In fact, it uses machine learning and AI capabilities in combination with CRM and NPS data to give a deep insight into the quality and performance of the contact center as a whole as well as of individual agents. In addition, it is an effective commercial asset for customer retention.

What is Text Analytics?

With Text Analytics integrated into our Voice Analytics platform, contact centers can get a 360-degree customer view coming from any communication channel. Thus, an agent can be assigned to either text or voice analytics or both solutions.

The AI-fuelled software analyses text from emails, chats, Social Media interactions, reviews, surveys and Net Promotor Score comments by automatically recognizing the positive and negative meaning of phrases and summarizing the answers’ key topics and hidden patterns with near human-level precision.

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