What Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics can do for the contact center

Xdroid is organizing an end user webinar
This webinar is an introduction to Xdroid; we will show the benefits of voice- and textAnalytics for contact centers.

Voice (or speech) and Text Analytics are a hot topic. And rightfully so, it is a game changer for contact centers in any market. But what exactly does that mean; analytics powered by AI and Machine Learning? How can AI and Machine learning help you to transform the performance of your contact center? How do these analytics work, how do they improve my customer experience, compliance, agent performance, and well being or sales conversion rates? We will gladly answer these and other questions and show what a difference Xdroid VoiceAnalytics, TextAnalytics and OperatorAssist can make for any contact center.

You can no longer register for this webinar, we will announce new webinars shortly.

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