Tangible VoiceAnalytics results in Contact Centers

A webinar that is actually worth your valuable time. 
Knowing that there are many webinars available right now, we do not want to waste your time with -just another one-. 

Join us for;

Tangible VoiceAnalytics results in Contact Centers

In this webinar, we will present real and tangible results and benefits derived from the implementation of Xdroids VoiceAnalytics in our customer’s contact centers. We will get straight to the point and show you what you can expect to achieve and how you can achieve it.

You may already have heard about the benefits of VoiceAnalytics: it improves compliance and reduces risk, enhances customer experience, boosts productivity, and assures quality. 

But what are the numbers to this? 
What precisely can you improve, enhance, and assure? You need the numbers, want tangible results, and, most importantly, know how to get them. 

Join our webinar to discover how VoiceAnalytics can help you:
· Reduce average non-productivity on inbound calls by 3,4%
· Reduce AHT by 19 seconds per call 
· Increase sales conversion rate by 6.3%
· Decrease agent costs by 1.5 %
· Save 263 work hours per month
· Reduce silence periods by 10%
. Increase the identification of at-risk of leaving customers by at least 30.4%
. And more…

We will show you all of this through use cases and specific examples. 
Join us on October 20th, 16.00hrs CET

You can no longer register for this webinar, we will announce new webinars shortly.


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