Tackling the Challenges of Quality Managers

Quality is fundamental to any company; it is synonymous with customer satisfaction and improves contact center operations as a side effect.
No matter the “new reality” Contact Centers find themselves in, quality can never be neglected.

So, what is the force that sustains quality? The arduous efforts of Quality Managers?

Quality Managers or Contact Center Managers responsible for maintaining the quality in contact centers will only be successful if they have tools supporting them in their tasks

As Quality Managers have to perform a wide variety of duties that ensure Call Center Agents operate at optimal efficiency. It is imperative that they understand business metrics, detect issues, identify solutions, and implement the required actions that lead to top performance and improved Customer Experience. These Contact Center heroes are responsible for monitoring, auditing, and implementing quality & compliance standards; they have to lead and motivate a large number of agents while sensing their needs and concerns.
Just imagen a Contact Center without someone to defend their quality tirelessly.
Xdroid recognizes Quality Managers’ value and understands how challenging this position can be.

In this webinar, we will focus on Quality Managers and approach their biggest everyday challenges: 

  • Too many calls, not enough time
  • Manually playing back calls is Inefficient and repetitive
  • Lack of insight when rating agents
  • Job monotony
  • Analyzing complex data 

We will demonstrate the power of Xdroids Automated Quality Management through the successes achieved by our customers.



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