Homeworking Contact Center Agents

Learn how VoiceAnalytics can help you manage the challenges of home-working agents in this pre-recorded webinar.

 Contact Centre VoiceAnalytics will help you gain insight and control, regardless of where your agents are located. VoiceAnalytics benefits for your organization, especially now when more then ever, people are working from home.

The number of home-shoring Contact Center agents has risen tremendously during these last weeks. And while that is excellent news, of course, companies want to keep there valued employees safe. As a result Contact Center Managers can no longer walk around, and be in close contact with their team. They can no longer hear or see what is going on… or can they? 

As home-working agents have become the new norm, how can you keep these valued employees motivated, on task, and efficient?
Can you easily identify training needs? Are KPI’s and PCI Compliance being achieved? In other words, do you have the tools to monitor and measure agent performance and wellbeing?

Xdroids VoiceAnalytics will help you gain insight and control, from home or the office.

Reasons why you want to use VoiceAnalytics as a company, are almost endless. 

For example, you want to:

  • Check if your agents are compliant. Do they use the correct greeting and closing?
  • Measure and analyze the silence time
  • Discover why there is so much repeat traffic
  • Automatically get an accurate picture of the contact reasons of customers
  • Know what goes on “on the work floor” now that employees work from home
  • Identify the coaching needs of your agents 
  • Use customer service as a reliable source for your marketing efforts

To sum up, home-working doesn’t have to mean compromised customerservice and customer-experience. 

Take the time to watch the webinar to discover these and other benefits for your organization.

During the webinar we will show:
– introduction to VoiceAnalytis
– how to measure agent performance, manage, motivate and more
– a live demo


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