Voice Analytics Key Functionalities

VoiceAnalytics Key Functionalites@3x

Voice Analytics software is an indispensable part of many Contact Centers nowadays. One of the reasons for this rise in interest is the increased accuracy of the engines behind this technology.

For larger Contact Centers, that do not use Voice Analytics Software yet, it is not so much a question whether to use the software or not. The difficulty in the decision making lies in the multitude of available options on the market.
To help shed light on these options, we’ve composed an overview of Xdroids Key Functionalities for you.

As communication is complex, Xdroid advanced speech recognition engine possesses human like ability to recognize sentiment and emotion. Xdroid combines this with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Detect whether agents use proper greetings and comply with company regulations. Check if calls that require PCI compliance are executed correctly. Use bad language and emotion filters to identify and take action on threatening calls that could end-up in authority or legal cases.

Real-time engine
Our in-house developed real-time engine provides immediate feedback to agents and management. Detecting, for instance, compliance, speech style, keywords, and length of silence periods in conversations and providing instant lookup features.

Sentiment and Emotion Analytics
Xdroid provides a language-independent emotion analytics engine based on speech styles. Happiness, disappointment, unhappiness, and uncertainty are all recognized at both the customer and the agent side. However, language-based sentiment detection is also part of the solution.

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