Real-Time Voice Analytics Software by Xdroid Benefits

Xdroid enables contact centers to analyse their calls in real-time. Since this has some major benefits, we have listed down below! Consequently, our software is used in business. To optimise, and streamline contact centers, and voice-first apps. Because our software can identify, during the call; tone of voice, periods of silence, words used, call length, error rate and more!

These are The Benefits of Real-Time Voice Analytics Software for Contact Centers:
Xdroid Real-Time Voice Analytics Software

Xdroid Real-Time Voice Analytics Software


  1. The most detailed Voice Analytics  you have ever experienced
  • Distinguishes emotions.
  • Detects keywords and phrases.
  • Catches speech style and quality markers.
  • Measures productivity.
  1. Improve In-Call productivity
  • Understand root-causes of long and inefficient calls.
  1. Raise Customer Service Experience through emotional analysis in Real-Time Voice Analytics
  • Get feedback now, and react now.
  • Set up CX index using qualitative call metrics. Track and improve it.
  1. Real Time Voice Analytics Software Increases Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • Raise customer retention’s efficiency.
  • Reduce authority and legal cases.
  • Decrease internal agent turnover.
  • Raise efficiency of call handling.
  • Increase your operator’s train level and efficiency by using automated feedback.


Xdroid enables digital transformation in contact centers.  Through real-time voice- and text solutions. These are based on AI and machine learning.

Find Out How Xdroid’s Voice And Text Analytics Can Improve The Performance And Quality Of Your Contact Center! Especially Tailored To Your Contact Center’s Needs.

In an interactive demo we will show you how to improve your business. Firstly, we will show you how to raise customer retention’s efficiency, reduce internal agent turnover, reduce legal cases. Secondly how to boost sales conversion rate, raise efficiency of call handling.  Finally we will show how to provide objective, automated agent-coaching. Want to know more? Click here

Want to know more about Real-Time? Then you can watch our webinar right now

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