Contact Center Transformations

Voiceanalytics Customer Stories

VoiceAnalytics is deployed at market-leading companies in the fields of banking, insurance, energy and telecommunications. Some of our customers have testified about the positive ROI they have experienced for their business as a result of using and adopting VoiceAnalytics.


Reference use case 1. Multinational in the insurance sector

Decreased average length of non-productive periods


In an average call-in contact centre, 30-35% of conversations are non-productive. For a 12 month period following the introduction of VoiceAnalytics, a client of the insurance industry was able to use and track the personalized targets for individual agents and decreased the average non-productivity (silence and music) from 30,1% to 26,7%. This decrease is equal to a saving of approximately 1,5% of the yearly personnel cost of the agents.
Furthermore, our client identified a correlation between TNPS and emotional index measured by VoiceAnalytics, contrary to the industry’s assumption that the shorter the call, the higher the TNPS. This allowed the head of quality to act on calls that needed further attention.



Reference use case 2. Multinational in the telecommunication sector

Increased sales efficiency


Our customer in the telecommunications sector has introduced an automatic sales offer on incoming calls at the end of the conversation. This offer reached 27% of the callers, with a sales conversion rate of 5,5%. Thanks to VoiceAnalytics, identifying and recalling the top 20% most uncertain emotional conversations, the conversion rate increased to 6,3%. Assuming 1.5 million calls per year, this amounts to nearly 3240 utilized sales opportunities. With an annual profit of 20 EUR per call and 1.5 million sales calls it adds up to about 64.800 EUR extra profit.




Reference use case 3. Multinational in the telecommunication sector

Reduced customer churn and legal cases


In 2011 the average authority/legal cost of our customer in the telecommunications sector was 800 EUR per case. About 0,8% of the calls were complaints and 0,5% of these cases become legal cases. A separate procedure exists for calls flagged as potential legal case, however only 50% of these calls were identified.
After the introduction of VoiceAnalytics, the system identified around 50% of the remaining cases – about 15 legal cases per year – of which 90% were prevented. In case of 1.5 million calls per year, 13 rescued legal procedures will save a total of 10.400 EUR per year.




Reference use case 4. Multinational in the utility sector

Increased productivity and sales efficiency


Our customer has been using VoiceAnalytics since 2011 in the complaints management unit. Besides analysing non-productive periods and measuring AHT, they also improve agent occupancy rate and identify product sales opportunity in each call thanks to the emotional index and keyword spotting. By feeding about 2 million calls/year into the system, their goal is lead generation and increased productivity to dedicate manpower to a more sales-oriented strategy. In order to favour scaling up, we are moving the processing to the cloud.

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