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Key Functionalities


Xdroid builds its own speech recognition engine offering both Speech-to-Text and Keyword Search capabilities. Specialized in contact center calls, we offer great adaptivity to out of dictionary keywords. Xdroid connects to multiple third-party engines as well in order to give a global coverage.


Through our phonemes detection, we have been able to boost keyword detection for those words that really matter. In some cases, even up to 300% compared to other engines. The recognition booster can be used in conjunction with third party engines as well for selected languages.


Our in-house developed real-time engine provides immediate feedback to agents and management. Detecting for instance, compliance, speech style, keywords, and length of silence periods in conversations and providing instant lookup features.


Xdroid provides a language-independent emotion analytics engine based on speech styles. Happiness, disappointment, unhappiness, and uncertainty are all recognized at both the customer and the agent side. However, language-based sentiment detection is also part of the solution.


What are the demand drivers in your contact center? Which are associated with negative and positive emotions? Xdroid follows trends in topics over time, providing the data that you need instantly, so you can, amongst other things, adapt your sales tactics during a campaign, or monitor complaints after an incident.


Just like in any business, it is crucial for a contact center to identify training needs. Are your agents lacking necessary communication skills, or do they need product-specific training? By using different combinations of search/filter criteria, you can quickly answer these questions.


Improve the overall performance and quality by analyzing 100% of your calls and automatically upload agent performance to the agent scorecard.


Provide your agents with timely advice on key performance indicators that they have to achieve. Recognize bad day and bad calls, suggest training modules and share best practices.


Have immediate access to all calls and markers, keywords, emotions and other data of the call. Immediately jump at the right place in a call to listen back on certain topics/phrases or emotion hits.


Speech tone, style, and speed, silence periods, music periods, cross talk, and overall call duration are all elements of productivity that are measured and analyzed. The productivity data will reveal opportunities for improvement to the manager and individual agents.


Our composer is a highly sophisticated, though simple to operate, rule-maker. The composer can look for combinations of keywords, sentences, silence periods, and much more. It can substitute words with synonyms, so you capture a wide range of expressions that all mean the same. This allows you to tag/label calls according to different criteria, such as agents using correct sales-campaign phrases, a proper greeting, positive questioning, taboo words, and so on.


Set automated reports to your liking, distribute them automatically to the correct agents. Report/alert conditions are flexibly designed and easy to set-up by the user. Xdroid’s GUI is intuitive and very easy to use, so easy in fact, contact center managers, quality managers, supervisors can start using it in a few seconds.


VoiceAnalytics offers the possibility to integrate CSAT and NPS scores and relate them to your calls. Doing so allows you to perform an in-depth analysis to identify drivers of NPS, to improve the overall rating. Once set-up, investigating which parameters influence your Customer Experience scores is effortless.


VoiceAnalytics provides you with your own data analyst. Combine your CRM data with the outcome of each call and do sophisticated analysis that predict your customers behaviour. Reduce your churn, improve conversion based on our tool.


Xdroid offers the possibility to analyze emails, chats, and speech-to-text converted conversations in-depth. It can reveal classification of topics, associations, sentiment, and many more aspects.


Set training goals for your teams or agents. Monitor their performance over various KPI’s over a period of time and motivate them with rewards after achieving their targets. Agents have clear insights in their performance versus the groups average or best in class.


Detect whether agents use proper greetings and comply with company regulations. Check if calls that require PCI compliance are executed correctly. Use bad language and emotion filters to identify and take action on threatening calls that could end-up in authority or legal case.

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