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Why Xdroid?

Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics can deliver both near real-time and real-time results. Depending on the hardware configuration, analytics data can already be provided within minutes after uploading the call recordings, thereby providing valuable feedback to the contact center management in near real-time.

The next generation of machine learning and artificial intelligence engines are implementing the most advanced deep neural networks to use machine learning algorithms that maximize and optimize GPU usage and performance. Those engines support real-time analysis and give input to agents during the conversation for coaching purposes.

Increase Customer Retention

Start retention workflows by filtering out the most displeased customers. Immediate and efficient reaction to calls with negative emotions improve both customer retention and quality of customer handling.

Boost Sales Conversion Rate

Increase sales conversion rates by analysing successful and unsuccessful sales attempts. Reveal differences in speech style, keywords and other meaningful metrics for both direct sales and inbound calls.

Reduce Agent Turnover

Increase loyalty and give better targets to call center operators by providing transparent and objective rating about their performance. Use gamification reports and automatic suggestions to keep them motivated.

Raise Efficiency of Call Handling

Reduce unnecessary music and silence time during calls and analyse root causes of them. Decrease average handling time by evaluating differences even at operator level, reviewing 100% of the calls.

Reduce Legal Cases and Public Proceedings

Use keyword and emotion filters to detect threatening calls that could result in legal cases and public proceedings. Reduce the number of these cases by handling the situation in a proper way before it’s too late.

Automate Agent Coaching

Provide a transparent and objective track of each agent’s progress. Increase training level and efficiency by using real-time and post-processed feedback on each key metric valuable to your business.

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