Analyzing the Now with Real-Time Speech Analytics: A Case Study

The need for Real-Time Speech Analytics

According to Forbes, customer service interactions influence brand loyalty for 96% of customers. This means every single interaction between you and your customers is valuable. Adopting a customer-centric approach with a Real-time Speech Analytics solution is key here. You need to analyse these interactions to get insights into what your customers need, and their expectations from you. 

Investing in a speech analytics solution that turns your interactions into actionable insights can be a game changer for your business. Gartner surveyed 283 customer service and support leaders and found that for 84% of them customer data and analytics as “very or extremely important” for achieving their organizational goals in the future. 

An offline speech analytics solution can be an asset for your contact center by allowing you to generate insights with post-call analytics. You can take this one step further with a real-time speech analytics solution. 

Xdroid’s Real-time Speech Analytics Solution

McKinsey & Co. highlighted that just “37% of organizations believe they effectively utilize advanced analytics for value.” To stand out in your industry, leverage real-time customer insights. Enhance customer interactions with real-time speech analytics solutions.

In 2021, Xdroid introduced the innovative Real-Time Speech Analytics tool, AgentAssist. Building on Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics offline solution, AgentAssist operates in real-time. As agents converse with customers, they can immediately analyze the conversation, discern the sentiment, and act instantly to elevate the customer experience.

Key features of AgentAssist that lighten agents’ tasks include:

  • Real-time speech-to-text transcription.
  • Instant prompts, pop-ups, and sentiment detection.
  • Compliance and KPI checks in real-time.
  • Real-time call monitoring and automated call summaries.

Using AgentAssist, agents can seamlessly navigate customer interactions. They can view pertinent details like case IDs, monitor their adherence to KPIs and compliance, and get alerts for missed actions. Additionally, the tool provides guidance for handling unique situations, pinpoints cross-selling or upselling opportunities, and streamlines agents’ roles, improving their work experience.

AgentAssist is also pivotal for agent support. It alerts managers when a customer becomes hostile, allowing timely intervention while maintaining respect. It’s an invaluable asset for training: pinpointing areas that need honing and tailoring training initiatives, enhancing agent satisfaction, and motivation. Given the industry’s high turnover rates, AgentAssist streamlines the onboarding process. Supervisors can rest easy knowing the tool will notify them of any issues.

Moreover, AgentAssist promotes workplace adaptability, facilitating remote work. Supervisors can tune into calls in real-time, guiding agents through chat and stepping in when necessary.

In conclusion, AgentAssist reshapes how agents handle customer interactions. It acts as a real-time assistant, offering:

  • Quick action and timely intervention.
  • Enhanced customer experiences and first-call resolution.
  • Reduced call durations and improved upselling.
  • Boosted customer retention and operational efficiency.
  • Simplified onboarding and training processes.
  • Elevated agent well-being, leading to lower turnover.
  • Adherence to compliance and KPIs.

Case Study: The Success of Real-Time Speech Analytics Solution

Our client Capita, a leading BPO company recently launched Assisted Customers Conversations (ACC) a comprehensive service that augments the conversations between the customers and the agents. This service is exclusively powered by Xdroid’s Real-Time AgentAssist and Offline VoiceAnalytics.

Our client wanted a solution that would turn analysis into unique insights, prompts, and recommendations that would ultimately empower the call center teams to deliver personalized care and service to every customer. Real-Time AgentAssist was the perfect fit for them.

Their main objective was to check how closely and accurately the solution could monitor the calls in real-time, provide in-call guidance when required, and automate post-call quality assurance. Additionally, how the solution would regulate and check compliance and follow the KPIs to further reduce the Average Handling Time.

The solution yielded quick results for their customers and agents especially for operational efficiency, reducing churn, improving compliance, identifying vulnerability, and agent satisfaction. It was everything they needed to deliver best-in-class customer service and experience while also supporting agent experience. The solution proved its ability to Capita and passed its tests with flying colours.

Within the first few months of operation, AgentAssist helped the agents meet their Average Handling Time reduction targets through in-call guidance and automated wrap-up tools. For most agents, fulfilment of KPIs and Compliance with the industry standards and privacy practices improved by 25%.

The real-time and offline solutions together make a powerful duo. The real-time insights and post-call analysis bring to light all the issues that can be improved upon. Both Agents and Quality managers appreciated the guidance and assistance that the solution provided.

Capita also interviewed dozens of agents for their internal reviews of the technology. The agents felt truly more empowered and praised their self-learning capabilities. One of the agents at Capita remarked, 

“It has supported me greatly. My AHT has improved, and my quality also improved as did my NPS score”. 

Yet another agent remarked, 

“ACC has so much potential and really will be an agent’s best friend while taking calls”. 

Caroline Thomas, who leads the implementation of ACC at Capita, said, 

“We have now implemented the ACC solution that is powered by Xdroid for a 4-digit number of agents, and we are thrilled about the feedback we get from our clients, Operational teams and most importantly from our agents.”

Capita could effectively leverage voice interactions with AgentAssist. The solution gave a boost to not only their customer satisfaction levels but also enhanced the agent experience with significant boosts to their operational efficiency and revenue potential. 

Adopt AgentAssist

The aforementioned numbers, the testimonials, and the solution itself make an excellent case for why your contact center needs Xdroid’s Real-time Agent Assist. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your contact center. 

Request a demo here and experience the power of AI in real-time with Xdroid’s Agent Assist. 

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