Press Release: Xdroid adds Mandarin and reaches 97.4% accuracy

Over the past few years, Voice recognition technology for Contact Centers has seen major developments.  It has emerged as a necessity for Contact Centers. Why? The ability of the software to accurately recognize voice, and analyze the calls improves the Contact Centers’ performance tremendously.

Since expanding into the Global market, Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics has continued to stay agile and expand the list of languages it supports. The software now supports multiple languages from across the world, such as English (UK, US) Dutch, Flemish Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi, to name a few. The latest addition to the list is Chinese Mandarin. 

Xdroid is proud to present the below transcript, which achieved an astonishing accuracy rate of 97,4%. For the comparison, we used the transcript made by Xdroid’s voice recognition engine and a certified translation of the same voice file. The certified translator added six and deleted four symbols from our file. With only ten errors, the fault margin was 2,6%.

Too good to be true?

Check for yourself; the complete voice file and the transcripts are available for your review below.
Of course, we would be more than happy to give you a personalized demo.

Mandarin voice file


Certified translation
我 叫 Mark 我 是 您 的 保险 服务员 请问 您 是 请问 能 不能 给我 您 的 大名. 请问 有 什么 可以为 您 服务 的 地方 请问 您 有 任何 疑问 吗. 请问 您 有 投保 哪些 保险您 除了 寿险 以外 还有 投保 其他 保.险  请 给 我 您 的 账号 是否 能 请教 一下 您 对 我们 服务 不 满意 的 原因. 为什么 我们 部 部门 总是 很 慢 我 想 看看 其他 的险种. 请问 你们 有 卖 车险 吗 有 更 优惠 的费率 吗. 有 更 便宜 的 保费 吗. 你们 的 给付 时间 太 长 我 不 太 喜欢 这个 比 其他 家 公司 的更 贵. 我 想 跟 你们 的 主管说 我 想 把 这件 事 反映 到 你们 主管 那边 我 现在 为了 同样 的事 打 来 第二次 了. 我 已经 听 着 音乐 等 你 等 了 两分钟 了 你们 的 服务 不错 我 想要 未来让 您 继续 服务. 非常 谢谢 你 这个 产品 很 适合 我. 很棒. 我们 总共 有 超过 100 万个 客户我们 也 会 尽力 服务 每 一位 客户. 只要 出 太阳 而且 没有 下雨 就 比较 少 车祸.很 高兴 告诉 您 我们 可以 降低 您 的 保险 支出. 我们 会 在 15 天 之内 给 您 了解 您 是否 满意 我们 的.
我们 的 房子 发生 火灾 而且 被 烧 得 很 严重. 我们 想要尽快 复原 请问 您 可以 协助我们 吗.

Transcript from engine
我 叫 Mark 我 是 您 的 保险 服务员 请问 您 是 请问 能 不能 给 您 的 大名. 请问 有 什么 可以为 您 服务 的 地方 请问 您 有 任何 疑问 吗. 请问 您 有 投保 哪些 保险 您 除了 寿险 以外 还有 投保 其他 保险 吗. 请 给 您 的 账号 是否 能 请教 一下 您 对 我们 服务 不 满意 的 原因.  为什么 我们 部 部门 总是 很 慢 我 想 看看 其他 的 险种. 请问 你们 有 卖 车险 吗 有 更 优惠 的费率 吗. 有 更 便宜 的 保费 吗. 你们 的 几副 时间 太 长 我 不 太 喜欢 这个 比 其他 家 公司 的更 贵. 我 想 跟 你们 的 主管 说 我 想 把 这件 事 反映 到 你们 主管 那边 我 现在 为了 同样
的事 打 来 第二次 了. 我 已经 听 着 音乐 等 你 等 了 两分钟 了 你们 的 服务 不错 我 想要 未来让 您 继续 服务. 非常 谢谢 你 这个 产品 很 适合 我. 很棒. 我们 总共 有 超过 100 万个 客户我们 也 会 尽力 服务 每 一位 客户. 只要 出 太阳 而且 没有 下雨 就 比较 少 车祸. 很 高兴 告诉 你 我们 可以 降低 您 的 保险 支出. 我们 会 在 15 天 之内 给 您 了解 您 是否 满意 我们 的产品. 我们 的 方式 发生 火灾 而且 被 烧 得 很 严重. 我们 想要 尽快 复原 请问 您 可以 协助我们 吗.

English transcript
Hi my name is Mark and I am your insurance agent
With who am I speaking
Can I get your name please
Please tell me the reason for your call
Do you have a problem ?
What kind of insurance do you have ?
Do you have another insurance next to your life insurance ?
Please give me your account number.
May I ask you the reason why you are not happy with our services ?
Why is our department allways late ?
I want to buy another insurance. Do you have car insurance ?
Do you have any special offers ?
Your pay out period is really long. i do not appreciate that
That is way more expensive than competition.
I like to speak to your manager.
I want to escalate this to your supervisor.
I am now calling you for the second time on the same topic.
I have been waiting and listening to music for 2 minutes.
That is great service, i really want to do more with you in the future.
I want to thank you and this product suits me really well.
That is fantastic.
We have more than one million customers and we do our best to serve
every one of them in the best possible way.
When the sun is shining and when there is no rain there are fewer car
I am please to say we can reduce the cost of your insurance.
We will call you back in 15 days to see if you are happy with our product.
Our house was on fire and we have a lot of damage.

We want to have this recovered as soon as possible.
How can you help us.


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