The most important languages in the contact center industry

Without language, we cannot communicate; and since communication is the reason why call centers exist, language is an innate part of the contact center industry.

Specially in this globalized economy, where companies interact with customers across the globe, language is the first requirement needed to make communication possible. Out of the 2019 Contact Center Industry report, it was discovered that languages are considered very important for 82% of contact center companies (Speechmatics, 2019). Nowadays, a company should be able to provide multilingual service, also if it’s not internationally active. The most important languages identified in the industry were Spanish, English and French; followed by Mandarin, Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish (Speechmatics, 2019).

Voice Analytics are becoming an advantageous tool for contact centers to adopt. The name of this technology speaks for itself, it analyzes voice, which means it analyzes language. Thus, businesses specializing in these systems must have the ability to provide a wide range of languages.

Xdroid supports an extensive variety of languages, from which Dutch, UK English and Hungarian are the most requested. Xdroid Voice Analytics solution transforms call centers through the automated processing of all customer interactions, providing objective, consistent and valuable information of each call. It can all be taken one step further with the integration of Xdroid’s Operator Assist module, thanks to which agents can be coached real time.

Under the other supported languages, you can find:

+ 26 more!

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