Agent Assist and EmailAnalytics modules released at CCW Berlin

We have added real-time Agent Assist and EmailAnalytics solution to VoiceAnalytics. Both modules, as well as offline analytics in German, will be available at CCW Berlin trade show. Agent Assist, proprietary development of Xdroid, is a real-time analytics module of voice and emotions. The interface is optimized for real-time representation, integrated with True Emotion Analytics and developed with an entirely new keyword and speech-to-text engine. Agents can now be advised on speech styles, emotions and compliance, but it can also help with the automatic subject search to decrease void periods. Lack of knowledge and waiting times are closely associated with each other, with the Agent Assist it will be reduced significantly. Alerts can be set to inform both agents and supervisors about calls that need extra attention, for example, because the customer is dissatisfied.

“Xdroid has been active in speech analytics for more than a decade. We are pleased to announce a new flagship product with Agent Assist. We have used innovative technologies to represent information to an agent at the shortest possible interval. It is not just the analytics handled by the Graphical Processor Units, but also how the presentation layer is organized. We are combining our AI-based InsightLearning to analyze scenarios to set the right alert triggers for agents and supervisors. With these capabilities, we give our customers compelling tools to improve the customer experience significantly,”
Attila Bódogh, CTO, Xdroid

With EmailAnalytics and email routing all emails are analysed based on expert rules and forwarded to the best available agent, saving time. The powerful AI behind the system detects brands, geographical locations and names, based on which it will place the email into the correct queue, prioritising extremely negative emails, for instance.

Other new functionalities for offline, post-processed analytics include first call resolution, HR assistant and Composer (versatile and flexible searches on sentences, void and music periods).

 “We are constantly on the lookout for solutions that contact centers need to offer outstanding service. Our leading clients help us to define the functionalities they need. It is critical to understand what the agents really want and how it best can be represented. It is great to have some of the most innovative users in the market develop with us,”
Gerry de Graaf, MD, Xdroid International

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