Press Release: Xdroid Unveils Xdroid Business Intelligence

Mallorca, Spain – May 21, 2024 

At its 4th Annual Partner Days from 14th to 16th May, Xdroid is excited to announce the launch of one of its newest offerings, Xdroid Business Intelligence Solutions (Xdroid BI). This innovative service has the vision of providing business solutions with high impacts, not only to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty but also to fuel strategic decision-making, driving revenue growth and operational excellence.

Xdroid BI is a key component of Xdroid’s Zero-Touch Customer Strategy, designed to maximise the potential of its speech analytics solution with a minimal required effort from the client’s side. This data-driven approach enables quick deployment and scalability, ultimately leading to substantial business impact in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

This actionable intelligence ensures that all businesses can benefit from this powerful technology regardless of their capability or capacity. With Xdroid BI, clients can experience the advantages of Xdroid’s advanced speech analytics, now powered by Xdroid IQ, Xdroid’s other newest launch. Thanks to Xdroid BI, clients no longer have to miss out on Xdroid IQ’s NLP and Advanced AI features due to constraints in their operations.

Key Features of Xdroid BI:

  • Revenue Intelligence: This cohort focuses on detecting what are the key components of customer interactions that can lead to increased sales and customer retention. Xdroid BI offers its exclusive Sales Stages and Early Churn Detection Model formulated to analyse different sales stages to help you acquire new customers and keep the existing ones with valuable insights.
  • Customer Intelligence: Clients can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through detailed analysis of the concrete root cases that have the highest impact on customer retention, helping businesses tailor their services to better meet customer needs. Xdroid BI is offering its proprietary in-call NPS Prediction Model that can track customer satisfaction effectively to help businesses build customer loyalty by predicting the in-call NPS with 93% accuracy.
  • Operational Intelligence: Xdroid BI offers a full package of analytics designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their operational processes by providing insights into the likes of call handling and agent performance. Xdroid IQ, Xdroid’s powered-packed set of Advanced AI and NLP capabilities, comes with features like resolution, Auto-Summarization, and topic and Sentiment Detection designed to study the day-to-day operations and deliver insights leading to optimised operational practices. 

Additional Consultancy Services: 

Clients also have the option to opt for consultancy services from Xdroid’s experts who bring years of experience with Speech Analytics to the table. The experts can help the clients interpret the analysis, unpack the insights from the solution and suggest the best practices for the way forward. Xdroid and its experts are committed to ensuring that clients capitalise on and experience the solution’s full potential. 

“Xdroid BI is about democratising access to our advanced speech analytics. By managing the entire process from implementation to analysis, we provide a seamless, zero-touch experience that delivers targeted results without any additional workload on our clients,” said Gerry de Graaf, co-CEO of Xdroid. “This service is designed to be hands-off for our clients while being hands-on and results-oriented in our approach to driving their business success.”

The service offers unparalleled customisation and flexibility, allowing clients to choose from specific use cases, combinations of cases, or entire categories based on their needs. Xdroid BI is tailored to ensure that every client can leverage the full power of speech analytics to enhance their business outcomes.

The launch of Xdroid BI underscores Xdroid’s dedication to innovation and client success, providing tools that are not only powerful but also user-friendly and highly adaptable.

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