Press Release: Xdroid makes major moves at Exclusive Partner Event

May 2023, Málaga, Spain

Xdroid International hosted their 3rd Annual Partner Days from 9th to 11th May 2023 in Málaga, Spain. The event celebrates Xdroid’s partnerships around the world and fosters the exchange of ideas, culture and insightful conversations among them. The attendees represented 12 countries among them and approached the event determined to take bigger, and bolder steps towards their collective growth and future. The theme of the conference was “Taking the next step together”.

In 2022, Xdroid International witnessed remarkable growth. In the last year, they have tripled their revenue. In just four years since taking their operations International, and stepping out of Hungary, they have become active in India, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Netherlands, and the UK with further plans of expansion.

As of May 2023, Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics is being implemented for more than 30,000 agents. Xdroid’s solutions support more than 50 clients/end customers, with their largest client managing more than 10,000 agents. Xdroid expects to at least double its international revenues in 2023. 

New launches

They also announced the following major innovations for their products: 

  1. Xdroid announced the launch of new NLP-based features: At the Partner Days event Xdroid launched auto summarization and topic-detection, two NLP-based features for both real-time and offline. A real-time assistant understands the customer-agent dialogue and will suggest the best possible answer/ next best action for the Agent is also under development. The module studies all the available corporate documents, FAQS, product descriptions and brochures, and provides agents with all the information they need. It can also be fine-tuned and further developed by feeding in more contextual information, the best outcomes for different situations. Compliance management with regulations like GDPR is also fully integrated into the module, along with other cost benefits. 
  1. Xdroid announced an NPS Prediction Model: To facilitate a better understanding of NPS and combat the low response rate, the Xdroid team has developed an NPS Prediction Model. Initial testing of the model on 80, 000 customer-rated calls revealed accuracy on two counts. The tests showed an accuracy of 82% overall on NPS prediction, and 97% accuracy in predicting Promoters, Detractors, and Neutrals. The benefits of this model are evident as customers will now be able to predict NPS and related factors on any call.
  1. Xdroid announced the launch of a Sales-Stage model: With the testing and adoption of Xdroid’s new Sales-Stage Model, clients will be able to measure sales effectiveness across various sales stages.

Altogether, 2023 is going to be a big year for Xdroid and its partners and clients, marked with significant changes, all thanks to the steps they will be taking together after Partner Days 2023.

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