Press Release: Xdroid launches new NLP-based features

18th May 2023, Mechelen  Belgium

During Xdroid’s Annual Partner Days from 9th to 11th May 2023, in Málaga, Spain, the company introduced two new Natural Language Processing (NLP) based features to its product portfolio: Auto-Summary and Topic Detection/Insight. 

Adding NLP further enhances VoiceAnalytics as a solution, as it elevates the AI capabilities of the solution. The solution can comprehend, and analyse the human language in an automated manner reducing the amount of effort that needs to be spent on configuration. It also helps to provide better insights to the customers. 


NLP-Based Feature #1: Auto-Summary

The first new feature is Auto-Summary. It is a cutting-edge technology that generates short, concise summaries of conversations between agents and customers. The feature has been made available in real-time for agents and supervisors. They can also use it offline for retrospective analysis. The technology utilises cutting-edge AI methods, including transformers, bi-directional language models, and GPT-based generative models to provide accurate and efficient summaries. 

Topic Detection/Insight

NLP-Based Feature #2: Topic Detection and Insight

The second feature introduced by Xdroid is Topic Insight. This feature uses advanced natural language understanding capabilities to analyze the context of the dialogue, and automatically produce hierarchical topic clustering of the issues discussed in conversations. This technology can track and differentiate between different stages of the calls and then groups them under various topics. Clients are given access to different kinds of visualisation for a better understanding of the major concerns of the customers. It directly links sentences associated with the topic to the classification reducing the time to build correct call tags that identify the topics.  This feature is a powerful tool for the managers, supervisors and analysts. It facilitates insightful decision-making. 

The management can work on optimising their resources knowing what matters to their customers the most. They allocate their resources based on the customer demand. They can drive innovation to meet the changing needs of their customers. A more client-centric approach can be adopted that upgrades the customer experience and offers a better customer journey.

Making AI Cost-Effective

 Xdroid’s NLP strategy is to deliver a cost-effective GDPR-compliant solution with high accuracy. Therefore Xdroid implements models within its overall solution that focuses on these specific capabilities rather than an XL model that needs to fit all bills. Xdroid’s NLP hardware and energy requirements are therefore much lower than that of its competitors. 

Altogether, this means Xdroid has the competitive advantage of lower cost of operations while still delivering on the AI requirements of their customers.

Partner Up for AI

The inclusion of these new features further enhances Xdroid’s position as a comprehensive, innovative AI-based Speech Analytics solution that is set to revolutionize customer service and support. The features are now exclusively available to be used by Xdroid’s partners and clients to transform their contact center operations. Xdroid is excited to together take this next step in innovating customer service. 

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