Press Release: Xdroid Introduces Sales-Stages Model

29th May 2023, Mechelen  Belgium

The Final Day of Xdroid Partner Days continued to shed light on Xdroid’s objective of “taking the next steps together” with its Partner and clients. Among the many new launches and introductions was Xdroid’s exclusive Sales-Stage Model. 

Outbound Centers or the Sales Department of any contact center face different challenges compared to an Inbound Center. For starters, customers voluntarily want to be on call with the agents at an inbound call center to get their issues resolved. However, the agents at an outbound call center, have the added pressure of getting the customers’ attention and keeping them engaged enough to get the sales messaging across. For the call to be deemed successful, sales agents also have to convince the customers with the right motivations. 

To combat this problem, Xdroid has developed a Sales-Stage Model that follows along with the agents as they get on with their Sales calls. The model is built to give both managers and agents a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the sales process. It covers the goals of the campaign, how the agents should approach the calls, how the customers are responding to the calls, and in the end, assessing the calls to analyse what worked and what didn’t. The model works with the following four key pillars:

1. Personalised Tailor-Made Model

This pillar involves formulating the model based on the business needs of the client. Xdroid works with the partner/client to produce a tailor-made system with specific KPIs and informative data to aid the sales agent. Managers can feed sales scripts into the system and set KPIs to check for adherence to the script. The agents will also have access to everything they need to know about the products/services that they have to sell. Managers can establish protocols for agents in case they face any pushback or objections from customers. Additionally, they can also set alerts for different issues that they think might arise like mentions of competitors or an existing negative perception about the brand. 

2. Track Sentiment Evolution

After giving the agents all the tools for their sales, it is also important to keep track of the developments on the call. This pillar allows managers to track the sentiments of both the parties involved, the agent and the customer. They can check if the agent approached the call with confidence and made the sales pitch with conviction based on the indicators set for sentiment detection. 

Similarly, they can check what kind of reaction the pitch evokes from the customers. If certain words and phrases, or a certain way of talking irritate them, the system can flag it and managers can work on changing the approach next time. This plays an essential role in the continued training and development of the sales agent. 

3. Sales Prospecting

This pillar furthers the findings and will a deep dive into what exactly was said and done by the agent on the call. It measures the impact of agent behaviour and actions during the call. It studies their approach and checks if they spoke politely and in a structured manner. If they followed the storyline laid out for them through the sales script, and whether or not they could engage with the customers. 

4. Successful Sales: Post-Call Analysis

Here the model studies whether the call was successful or not i.e. if the agent was able to close the sale. It checks for integral formalities such as payment processes and checks for future prospects and opportunities. It also takes into account any feedback, which can be particularly insightful in case of an unsuccessful sale. 

5. Sales-Stages Tags

The foundation of the model lies in the use of Xdroid’s exclusive Composer feature to build sales tags and calibrate the solution according to the business goals. Clients can also set separate models for different products and campaigns based on different targets. Managers can lay out the entire plan for the agent. From the introduction to making the sales pitch to dealing with customer objections, to smooth landing with closing the sales, and finally establishing a relationship with the customer for the future. 

Ready for Evaluation, Open for Collaboration

Xdroid officially introduced the Sales-Stages Model at their partner event on Thursday. The Model is now open to be tested, evaluated and perfected in association with their partners and clients. 

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