Xdroid celebrates winning Frost & Sullivan’s Award

Xdroid celebrates winning Frost & Sullivan’s Voice and Facial Analytics Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

Xdroid celebrates winning Frost & Sullivan’s Voice and Facial Analytics Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

We are more than excited to announce that Xdroid has been honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 European Voice and Facial Analytics Technology Innovation Leadership Award.   

Technology Innovation Leadership recognizes companies that lead the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions to customers’ most pressing needs, altering the industry or business landscape in the process. Xdroid successfully underwent Frost & Sullivan’s 10-step process and was evaluated on different technology leverage and business impact criteria.  

The process displayed how innovative and customer-oriented Xdroid’s voice analytics solutions are and how they support agent training and provide real-time agent assistance, while reducing costs and improving productivity.  For instance, one of the many aspects highlighted by Frost & Sullivan is the all-in-one Xdroid solution that includes both voice and text analytics (real time or offline), quality management analytics, customer journey visualization, NPS integration, as well as triggered alerts and trends, all under one standard price tag. With one standard solution, customers gain a powerful and scalable toolset to evaluate and improve performance at the individual, department, and corporate levels.   

As award recipients in this category, we would like to invite you to read the full report of our win, in which you will further discover why Xdroid’s uniquely agile solutions impressed Frost & Sullivan.

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