Xdroid Wins ‘Best IT Project on Speech Analytics’ at Platinum Customer Experience Awards 2024

Madrid, Spain – June 18, 2024

Xdroid is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious ‘Best Speech Analytics Project’ award at the Platinum Customer Experience Awards 2024, organized by the Contact Center Hub. The ceremony was held on Thursday, June 13, 2024, in Madrid, celebrating Xdroid’s collaboration with its new partner, Aurantis.

This award-winning project showcased the capabilities of Xdroid’s proprietary Early Churn Detection Model part of one of its latest offerings, Xdroid BI. The model serves as a tool that significantly enhances customer retention and sales strategies for businesses. This advanced analytics model developed by the experts at Xdroid leverages data from customer interactions and predictive analytics to identify early signs of customer churn. The Model also tracks competitor mentions and other such factors, enabling companies to react promptly with targeted offers and interventions to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Gerry de Graaf, co-CEO, Xdroid says, 

“Our team at Xdroid is thrilled to receive this recognition. It reflects our commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence in practical and impactful ways to deliver actual business results. By identifying churn risks and competitor mentions during customer interactions, our clients can address concerns and tailor retention strategies effectively.” 

“This award is not just a testament of the power of our solution and the impact of Xdroid BI but also the trust and collaboration we share with our partners like Aurantis,” de Graaf added. “Together, we are setting new benchmarks in the customer service industry and driving forward the future of customer experience.”

Dacil Borges, Xdroid’s Global Director of Consultancy and Project Lead, added

“This accolade is a validation of Xdroid’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in customer engagement. Xdroid BI and our Early Churn Detection Model is a game-changer, empowering our clients to act swiftly and effectively to retain valuable customers. This tool is the culmination of extensive research and collaboration, and we are proud to see it recognized on such a prestigious platform.”

Dácil Borges (Xdroid) and Núria Nicuesa (Aurantis) receiving the Award

Xdroid’s innovative approach to interaction analytics has set a new standard in the industry, providing clients across various sectors with tools to make data-driven decisions that significantly improve customer interactions and retention

Núria Nicuesa, Director General and Co-founder at Aurantis commented

“We are thrilled about our new partnership with Xdroid. This award is just the beginning of a great relationship, and we are excited about the future possibilities this partnership holds.”

For more information about Xdroid and its services, request a demo here: https://xdroid.eb-sites.com/va-demo-request-english

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Xdroid’s mission is to transform customer experience and contact center performance through analytics software based on artificial intelligence. We automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable information and insights about each conversation by processing all customer interactions.

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