Xdroid enters the CCW Awards 2024 finals for Best Improvement

Revolutionizing Contact Center Operations with Groundbreaking Speech Analytics

In an era where customer experience and compliance are paramount, Xdroid takes great pride in being named as a finalist in the esteemed “Best Improvement Award- External Consulting/Training Services” category at the Contact Center World, Global Top Ranking Performers Awards 2024. This accolade is a testament to the innovative partnership between Xdroid, Principal Insurance, and Avoira, that aims to redefine the standards of customer service and regulatory adherence in the industry.

Innovative Solutions Meeting New Challenges

With consumer safety at a growing risk, regulatory bodies are amplifying their efforts to protect them. The guidelines for companies to follow are constantly evolving. In the UK, the introduction of the new FCA Consumer Duty Guidelines that came into effect on July 31, 2023, presented a significant challenge to the industry, demanding enhanced vigilance and sensitivity towards customer vulnerabilities. 

Xdroid’s advanced VoiceAnalytics solution made it possible for Principal Insurance to adapt to the new guidelines seamlessly. The solution employed sophisticated algorithms to detect over 130 keywords and phrases indicative of 14 different categories of customer vulnerability, ranging from financial distress to personal crises. This technological advancement has enabled Principal Insurance to not only meet but exceed the stringent compliance requirements. They were not only compliant but with the solution, they could also evidence the same for the authorities thereby avoiding millions in fines. Tracking customer vulnerabilities also helped them manage the stress levels of the agents who have to navigate through difficult situations. With VoiceAnalytics, Principal Insurance could foster a safer and more supportive environment for its customers and maintain a global compliance score of 90.89%. 

Redefining Quality Assessment with Auto QA

The implementation of Auto QA was the second point of focus for this project. Xdroid’s technology facilitated the auto-scoring of over 31,000 calls, a task unattainable through manual analysis. By providing impartial scores for every call, the system ensured a comprehensive evaluation of agent performance, shedding light on areas of excellence and those needing improvement. Agents working remotely from home could self-coach and improve their performance based on the insights given by the solution. This objective assessment mechanism contributed to a remarkable 14% improvement in QA scores over just eight months (from October 2022 to May 2023), culminating in an impressive overall performance rating of 92% for Principal Insurance.

From the Leadership

"We are thrilled to be recognized as finalists in the Global Top Ranking Performers Awards. This nomination is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to leveraging AI to transform customer experiences and achieve operational efficiency in the contact center industry. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence."

"This recognition highlights the strength of our partnership with Xdroid and Principal Insurance and our shared commitment to go beyond what’s possible in customer service through technology. Being a part of this groundbreaking project has been an immensely rewarding experience for everyone at Avoira."

The Global Top Ranking Performers Awards 2024

The 2024 Global Top Ranking Performers Awards attracted over 2000 entries from over 80 nations. Now in its 19th year, these awards are regarded by many as the most prestigious awards in the industry and a few even refer to them as being like the Olympics for our industry as it’s not just a company competing against the company, but a nation against nation!

The Global Top Ranking Performers Awards are the ultimate industry awards for the contact center industry and are exclusively available from ContactCenterWorld.com – the Global Association for Contact Center & Customer Engagement Best Practices with around 220,000 members in 200 countries.

About ContactCenterWorld

Contact Center World is the World’s largest association for Contact Center & CX professionals with over 220,00 professional members. ContactCenterWorld.com was founded in 1999 and runs the largest awards program for our industry, the highest-rated events, offers networking for members, has over 40,000 documents online and offers daily tips, benchmarking data, employee engagement and customer experience programs.

About Principal Insurance

Established in 2011, Principal Insurance is a fast-growing specialist insurance broker offering an extensive range of motorcycle, car, motorhome, van, home and business policies.

About Avoira

Avoira is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) that has been in business since 1976 under the name Pennine Telecom.  Since then they have acquired several businesses to grow their portfolio and to provide additional services to their customers. They are dedicated to improving the business of their clients by providing technology, infrastructure, systems and strategies through innovative equipment, managed services and bespoke consulting.  

About Xdroid

Xdroid’s mission is to transform customer experience and contact center performance through analytics software based on artificial intelligence. We automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable information and insights about each conversation by processing all customer interactions.

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