Xdroid, one of eight world-leading vendors of an AI best-of-breed solution

The Report features eight world-leading and contending vendors who offer IA as a part of a broader workforce optimization (WFO) offering or as a best-of-breed solution.

Xdroid is proud to have been featured as on of those eight vendors.
DMG’s Report is intended to help leaders and managers in contact centers, back offices, IT departments, and the executive suite to select the best IA solution and vendor to meet their organization’s current and future needs.

DMG Consulting

Interaction analytics (IA) solutions have proven their value during the coronavirus pandemic. IA was often the only means for companies to know what was happening across their departments, and was instrumental in rapidly identifying emerging customer issues so that agents and self-service solutions could be prepared to address them and handle the high volumes of interactions they were receiving. As much of the workforce was forced to relocate to their homes, companies relied on IA solutions as oversight tools to keep track of employees’ performance while they were working remotely.

Interaction analytics is essential in the world of virtual commerce
As the digital transformation accelerates and omni-channel service becomes the norm, companies need insight into what is occurring in all media. Interaction analytics gives a complete view of activity in all channels and can help reveal what is trending in each one and on an overall basis; this allows companies to identify issues and respond quickly.

Interaction analytics can be used to measure all aspects of the service experience. Organizations can collect customer feedback passively, on a continuous basis. This can help companies achieve the goal of measuring the customer experience (CX) and sharing the data on a timely basis so that necessary changes can be made throughout the enterprise to optimize the overall customer journey, not just the quality of the service in the contact center.

An essential resource for 15 successive years
The 2020-2021 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of the IA market, the competitive landscape, product innovation, as well as business and servicing trends and challenges. It closely examines market activity and presents 5-year market projections. The report also examines customer satisfaction with vendors, products and pricing and offers implementation best practices to help users succeed with their IA initiatives.

The report features 7 leading and contending vendors who offer IA as a part of a broader workforce optimization (WFO) offering or as a best-of-breed solution. The 7 vendors are: Calabrio, Clarabridge, NICE, OnviSource, Sestek, Verint and Xdroid. An eighth vendor, CallMiner, is covered at a higher level. The Report is intended to help leaders and managers in contact centers, back offices, IT departments and the executive suite select the best IA solution and vendor to meet their organization’s current and future needs.

Report includes:

  • IA defined: how it works, and a high-level overview of the key functional capabilities in the 7 featured IA solutions
  • Current market trends and challenges that are driving vendor innovation and enterprise investments
  • Vendor research and development (R&D): recent feature and functionality enhancements and near-term updates planned for the next 12 – 18 months
  • Examination of how artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies are making significant contributions and improvements to interaction analytics
  • A look at how IA is being leveraged as a strategic tool across the enterprise, extending its benefits
  • The essential role of IA in understanding the customer journey and operationalizing the voice of the customer (VoC), the CX and quality management, by providing a data-driven approach to identifying the best course of action for each transaction
  • Market activity and market share analysis, adoption rate and 5-year projections
  • Analysis of the IA competitive landscape, including a discussion of the changing dynamics, expanding use cases, new and emerging competitors, and a high-level overview of the 7 vendors and product offerings featured in this analysis
  • IA implementation analysis, including vendor implementation methodology and best practices, maintenance and support, workshops, training and professional services
  • Pricing comparison and analysis for on-premise and cloud-based implementations
  • Comprehensive vendor satisfaction survey results that measure and rank vendor approval ratings across 10 vendor categories, 10 product capabilities and 5 product effectiveness categories
  • Detailed company reports for the 8 vendors covered in this Report, including product functionality and future product development plans
  • IA Vendor Directory

Key Topics Covered: 

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Research Methodology
3.1 Report Participation Criteria

4. Interaction Analytics Defined
4.1 Interaction Analytics Application Building Blocks
4.2 High-Level Functional Summary

5. IA Enterprise Trends and Challenges
5.1 IA Enterprise Trends
5.2 IA Enterprise Challenges

6. IA Market Innovation
6.1 New Features
6.2 Emerging Capabilities

7. The Evolution of Speech Analytics
7.1 AI and IA: Interaction Analytics Gets Smarter

8. IA for the Enterprise
8.1 IA as a Strategic Tool for the Enterprise

9. Putting IA to Work: Operationalizing IA Extends its Benefits
9.1 Deciphering the VoC and the CX
9.2 Emotion Detection and Sentiment Analysis
9.3 AQM: Automated, Accurate, and Always On

10. Projections for the Future of Interaction Analytics

11. IA Market Activity Analysis

12. IA Market Adoption

13. IA Market Projections

14. IA Competitive Landscape
14.1 Vendors of Interest
14.2 Company Snapshot
14.3 Product Information

15. IA Implementation and ROI Analysis
15.1 System Administration
15.2 Security and Compliance
15.3 Business Intelligence, Reporting and Dashboards
15.3.1 KPIs

16. IA Pricing
16.1 IA Premise-Based Pricing
16.2 IA Cloud-Based Pricing

17. IA Satisfaction Survey and Analysis 

18. Company Reports
18.1 Calabrio
18.2 CallMiner, Inc.
18.3 Clarabridge
18.4 NICE
18.5 OnviSource
18.6 Sestek
18.7 Verint Systems
18.8 Xdroid

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