On-demand Webinar: Contact Center Transformation through Innovation

Webinar Contact Center Transformation

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Watch our webinar on contact center transformation to discover how innovation is transforming the capabilities of contact centers to serve customers better and improve employee satisfaction.

We had Arnaud Bossy, Frost & Sullivan’s Vice President and Head of Consulting Europe and Alan Linter, Capita’s Innovation and Data Science Director as our guest speakers. They brought a wealth of experience and knowledge from different perspectives and made this a webinar worth watching.

What to expect

If anything, this pandemic has shown us how meaningful human interactions are. Many processes have become predominantly digital and online-based. Nevertheless, contact centers remain the most important if not the only customer interaction channel. Telephony interactions remain unique opportunities to nurture customer relationships and to engage with a personal touch. With numerous communication channels available, people prefer and expect the highest quality of service and expect better information than self-service options or online interactions. Therefore, a considerable amount of pressure is placed on contact center agents to handle customer requests with speed and specificity while remaining friendly. The right adoption of technology can ease the pressure of

Topics addressed:

What are the current challenges for the contact center industry?

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in contact centers

What are the major trends affecting the future of the industry?

Transformation acceleration, Automation and AI

About the Guest Speakers

Arnaud Bossy Vice President and Head of Consulting Europe and Global Lead for Growth Strategy & Implementation Advisory Frost & Sullivan

Arnaud brings‎ 15 years of cross-industry‎ expertise to the table. Thinking about organizations’ future and making it happen, increasingly focusing on digitization‎. Arnaud has a pragmatic approach‎ to developing opportunities and evaluating company readiness, engaging leaders in their business growth.

Alan Linter
Innovation and Data Science Director Capita

In his current role, Alan is responsible for searching out new and innovative technology solutions that allow our clients to be at the forefront of customer service delivery. Furthermore, he is also responsible for our Data Science practice that looks to link complex data sets and maximizes the value that data can generate for clients in improving customer experience, developing revenue, and reducing costs.

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