Valk Solutions improves services with Xdroid.

Valk Solutions improves service with Interactions Analytics as a Service with Frontline Services.

Frontline Services uses Xdroids Voice- and TextAnalytics to automatically review all interactions. Call drivers are automatically added to contacts, and silent times are analyzed.
So, questions like; why is one employee much faster than others, or which employee has thee most or the least silent times, are answered.
We offer this innovative form of analysis as a service.


Valk Solutions starts Interaction Analytics as a Service from Frontline Solutions.
With the solutions Valk Solutions offers to their customers, they are already innovative in retail, and now they are also in customer contact. Interaction Analytics is an accessible way for them to understand: customer satisfaction about their solutions, how to identify the reason to call, and detect up-sell opportunities.
Through the plan: do-check-act (PDCA), Valk Solutions continuously improves their service.
Would you also like to learn more about the benefits of VoiceAnalytics as a service for your organization?
Frontline Services would love to talk to you.

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