Press Release: Xdroid takes on Brazillian Market with new partner V2 Consulting

Xdroid sets sights on the booming Brazilian, and Latin American markets, as they welcome their Brazilian partner V2 Consulting. This partnership comes at a momentous time when Xdroid aims to expand to the larger global market. It is indeed a promising move with great potential for both parties. Gerry De Graaf, the Managing Director for Xdroid expressed his excitement about the partnership and said, 

“We are so delighted to partner up with the dedicated and passionate team at V2 consulting. The Americas are one of the biggest markets for Speech Analytics and this partnership could not have come at a more opportune time for us as we plan to expand our horizons. We are hopeful that this partnership brings in new milestones and growth for both of us. V2 Consulting has a strong history in customer experience and has in-depth analytics expertise. We are very happy they selected Xdroid as their omnichannel analytics solution partner.”

The two companies are set to benefit from each other’s areas of expertise. The team at Xdroid is committed to giving V2 and its clients the best in terms of AI-driven Speech Analytics solutions. Their repertoire of solutions for contact center operations and customer service is up for grabs in the Brazillian market. The entire user interface of the solutions will also be available in Portuguese, thereby providing customised, localised, and personalised service for those who aim to take their business to a whole new level. 

One way for companies to ensure growth in the current market is by differentiating themselves from their competitors through high-quality services. They must strive to improve their offerings to the customers and get that competitive edge. With Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics, companies can enjoy the benefits of AI. They can keep building on consumer insights and truly set themselves apart by being intuitive. 

Vladimir Valladares from V2 Consulting talked about the bright future and numerous opportunities that lie ahead for both them and Xdroid.

“Xdroid offers the ideal Speech & Data Analytics solution for the Brazilian contact center industry. They excel not only in terms of technology and operational feasibility but also meet and adhere to the best market standards and practices.  We are bringing together the power of Xdroid’s solutions and the expertise of V2 Consulting in monitoring, improving, and taking customer service processes to the next level for Brazilian companies. We are ready to unlock the full potential of this partnership.” 

V2 also knows that the capabilities of Xdroid’s solutions go beyond the operational level. It extends to a managerial level as well. Companies can use Xdroid’s integrated offline and real-time solutions to ensure better KPI and compliance performance, reduced average handling time, increased agent well-being and many other aspects. They can equip their agents with everything they need to ease their workload and manage the stress that comes with the job. This could not only reduce agent turnover but further impact the quality of service.

This partnership is committed to providing its customers/clients with solutions and strategies that can truly optimise their resources. Companies will be empowered to take effective steps based on valuable insights and work towards positive, long-lasting results.

About Xdroid

Xdroid’s mission is to transform customer experience and contact center performance through analytics software based on artificial intelligence. We automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable information and insights about each conversation by processing all customer interactions.


Şelha Karabulut, Marketing Manager
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About V2 Consulting

V2 Consulting is a Brazilian consultancy founded in 2006, specialising in quality and productivity management, focused on relationship processes and channels, helping companies to achieve the best efficiency and quality relationship for the processes and services that influence customer experience. Its team has extensive experience in projects and services for performance improvement, with certifications and specialization in references and methodologies, namely, FNQ Excellence Criteria, Six Sigma, COPC and ISO.


Vladimir Valladares

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