Press Release: Quick Results at Capita with Xdroid’s Real-Time Agent Assist

Mechelen (Brussels North), Budapest

Capita’s Assisted Customers Conversations (ACC) is a revolutionary service that is powered by  Xdroid’s dual system Speech Analytics for its operations. The Real-time analytics of the solution has yielded excellent results with regard to efficiency, compliance, and agent satisfaction. 

As Capita states on their website, they use Assisted customer conversations to help their agents support customers through real-time voice analysis. The technology augments the conversations between the customer service agents and customers by turning this analysis into unique insights, prompting and recommending actions that enable call center teams to give personalized and helpful guidance to each and every one of their callers in real-time.

The technology monitors calls, analyses them, and gives the agents feedback in real-time. It identifies the best solution to the incoming query, enabling them to genuinely listen to the caller and offer them the aid they need to become more efficiently and effectively. 

The solution is especially important for agents who are working remotely. The Assisted customer conversations technology provides direct in-call support to the agents and also allows their team leaders to follow calls live, support and guide agents via chat, and even identify when to intervene in calls if necessary. 

The built-in intelligent analytics further provides valuable insights that Capita to continually improve the service and meet the objectives and expectations of their client. Whether it’s reducing the churn, ensuring regulatory compliance, identifying vulnerability or supporting agent wellbeing the solution proves itself to be a vital tool for enabling the delivery of world-class customer service.

Once the solution and technology were integrated, the team at Capita were eagerly waiting to see how effective it proves to be and what kind of results and analysis they would receive. The main objective was to see how successful the solution would be in monitoring calls in real-time, providing in-call guidance when required and, immediately post-call automating quality assurance. Regulating and checking the compliance on KPIs to ultimately work towards reducing the Average Handling Time and improve the overall service. 

For Capita, Xdroid’s solution proved its ability for all the aforementioned categories and passed their tests with flying colours. Within the first few months of operation, the solution has met the Average Handling Time reduction targets through its in-call guidance and automated wrap-up tools. 

KPI compliance was also on the rise with some of the indicators improving by more than 25% for most individuals. It was indeed quite encouraging to see the positive impact of the solution on the agents and quality managers alike. 

The agents appreciated the guidance and the assistance that the solution provides. The powerful combination of the integrated real-time and offline solution with in-call help as well as the possibility to study and analyse their calls post-call to identify the areas that can be improved have proven to be extremely helpful. The agents felt truly empowered. Capita also interviewed dozens of agents for their internal reviews of the technology. The agents felt truly more empowered and praised their self-learning capabilities.

TL a Capita Agent “It has supported me greatly. My AHT has improved, my quality also improved as did my NPS score”

RD a Capita Agent ” ACC has so much potential, and really will be an agent’s best friend while taking calls”

 Caroline Thomas, who leads implementations of ACC within Capita, said

“ We have now implemented the ACC solution that is powered by Xdroid for a 4 digit number of agents, and we are absolutely thrilled about the feedback we get from our clients, Operational teams but most importantly from our agents.” 

Managing the technical and security aspects of such a complex and demanding large-scale operation is not a small accomplishment. Thankfully, Xdroid worked closely together with its partner, Avoira. The team at Avoira led the integration of these projects. Both implementations are implemented in AWS, one on Amazon Connect and one on Avaya a further implementation is in flight on Noetica.

“We are very happy how we worked together with Avoira and Xdroid as a joint team on the implementation. A true partnership,” adds Alan Linter, Capita’s Innovation Director. “This has been a large accomplishment from all people involved, and I am happy we are rewarded with good results right from the start.”

“We have only scratched the surface of what this technology can do for our clients“, says Gerry de Graaf, Managing Director of Xdroid International, “We are proud of what we have accomplished so far with Capita and our UK partner Avoira and contribute through a true innovation in the way contact centers are managed.”

This is only just the beginning for Xdroid and here’s looking forward to many such accomplishments and milestones for Xdroid in the future.


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