Press Release: Xdroid and Avoira sign an exclusive 3-year agreement in the UK

16th January 2023

Xdroid International and Avoira have decided to extend their partnership with an exclusive contract for another 3 years. The partnership between the two companies goes back to 2018, which also marked the entry and launch of Xdroid’s game-changing solutions in the UK. 

Since then Xdroid has further expanded the capabilities of its solutions with multiple new developments, and additions. Xdroid is committed to elevating the customer experience by transforming contact center operations with its solutions. The AI-powered solutions thoroughly analyze the full ambit of customer interactions, from voice calls to emails to chats, to conversations on social media. The analysis of 100% of the interactions is then converted into data-driven insights on consumer behavior and needs. 

These valuable insights bring to light the major issues that customers face and the areas that need extra attention from the company. Whether it’s Agents, Supervisors, Managers, Department Heads, or even the CEO, the solution has something for everyone to benefit from. 

VoiceAnalytics features like Automated Quality Monitoring, call reasons, word cloud, and sentiment detection along with on-call recommendations, prompts, and KPI-monitoring of Real-Time AgentAssist can help agents deliver personalized services to every customer. Xdroid’s software could be the key to getting a competitive edge in the industry and standing out in this age of Hyperpersonalisation. The solutions have also been agile and innovative with a client-centric approach. Xdroid adapts and delivers what the client needs to take their business to the next level. 

Since its launch, Avoira has implemented and hosted Xdroid’s solutions for major UK public and private sector organizations. Xdroid has thus proved its competence across different sectors, be it, government bodies and undertakings, the BFSI industry, telecommunications, or retail. 

The new contract, therefore, not only celebrates the significant role that Avoira played in Xdroid penetrating key UK markets but also beckons the coming of newer opportunities and bigger goals. 

Gerry de Graaf, Managing Director of Xdroid International, expressed his excitement about the new agreement and said,

“We are beyond excited for the start of this new chapter. Avoira’s specialist expertise has been instrumental in establishing Xdroid as the pre-eminent interaction analytics solution in the UK call center market.”

“Their professional skill and service commitment has enabled clients to tailor the solution to their precise needs, achieve best practice, greatly enhance sales and service performance and optimize regulatory compliance.” 

Dr. Andrew Roberts, Managing Director of Avoira, commented,

“The extension of Avoira and Xdroid’s partnership will let us further build upon our shared successes and continue to deliver the innovative, digitally empowered speech technology services that have earned the trust and confidence of our clients.” 

Roberts is optimistic about the future of Xdroid in the UK and its prospects, especially with its unique features. He believes that Xdroid’s real-time, emotion detection capabilities and enhanced reporting will continue to attract clients across the sectors.

“Many businesses remain reliant on manual analysis of sample calls, which is neither comprehensive nor objective. Xdroid analyses every call and reports the performance of individual agents, agent groups, and departments, scoring against selected indicators, such as adherence to internal or regulatory protocols. Those benefits are generic but particularly pertinent to regulated businesses such as financial and professional services firms, many of whom now face a significant regulatory burden. Areas such as identification of vulnerable customers and subscription to consumer duty regulations are increasingly hot topics.” 

About Avoira

Avoira is dedicated to improving the business of its clients by providing technology, infrastructure, systems, and strategies through innovative equipment, managed services, and bespoke consulting. Avoira’s exceptional expertise and experience span over four decades.

About Xdroid 

Xdroid’s mission is to transform customer experience and contact center performance through analytics software based on artificial intelligence. We automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable information and insights about each conversation by processing all customer interactions.

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