How Interaction Analytics can optimise your Omnichannel Strategy


Whether you are an innovative FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) company or a leader in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector, you need to have an Omnichannel presence to engage with your existing customers and connect with potential new ones. Companies need to establish multiple touchpoints. It’s what today’s customers expect. They demand accessibility and connectivity across different platforms, from offline stores to user-friendly apps. They trust a brand with an effective Omnichannel strategy.

This strategy goes beyond just the distribution. In 2022, an Omnichannel strategy must include marketing and communication initiatives. Companies are working towards seamless connections across several channels, voice calls, video calls, chats, emails, and even social media. The interactions based on these initiatives need to be nurtured and sustained, which has led to the rise in the need for effective Omnichannel Analytics. 

Xdroid’s latest offering is just what you need to capitalize on and optimize your Omnichannel Strategy fully. Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics will enhance your understanding of your relationships with your customers. 

This solution will advance the findings of the VoiceAnalytics solution of customer calls to chat and email interactions with customers on other platforms. With the new solution, you will have many options at your disposal. For example, you could choose just the voice or text analytics or go for the combined Interaction Analytics. 

Read on to find out how an Omnichannel strategy and analytics can help your business.

Expanding Customer Interactions

Operating in a customer-centric market requires companies to be wherever their customers are. Companies need to be available at various touchpoints for the convenience of their customers. Similarly, with an Omnichannel Communications strategy, companies must make themselves accessible to customers across different platforms. It could be through an open line of communication through call centers or other digital communication like chat and social media.  

Every interaction with the customers becomes a valuable source of insight and information. With an effective Omnichannel Strategy and Interaction Analytics, companies can conduct intuitive and personalized interactions based on their digital needs and preferences. This will enable them to take the right action at the right moment. 

Analyze Customer Interactions

To stay relevant, companies must invest in connecting with consumers efficiently. Additionally, they need to employ tools that analyze the data collected and turn it into helpful consumer insights. Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics steps in as a powerful tool for the occasion. McKinsey highlights the importance of an efficient system, saying,

“The approach also can reduce the time it takes to handle calls that do reach an agent because an efficient omnichannel system alerts the agent to customers’ intentions and the actions they took before the conversation, enabling a faster time to resolution. It can improve customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized experience and even create “moments of delight” for the customer during interactions that truly matter to them.”  

With Interaction Analytics, companies can study consumer behaviour deeply. These insights can help them understand and analyze their customers’ consumption and communication patterns. This exercise will ultimately contribute significantly to the overall sustenance of the business. 

Strengthen Customer Experience and Journey

The current market is dynamic, saturated, and thus highly competitive, leading to volatile customers. As a result, they seek and value a good customer experience over everything. It’s one of the few ways companies can distinguish themselves and elevate offerings. 

With a 360-degree Omnichannel presence, companies can work towards enhancing the customer experience. As a result, they add to their customer journey and seamlessly establish multiple touchpoints throughout the customer life cycle. 

Forbes, in their article highlighting the importance of an Omnichannel Strategy, states, 

“ Make it easy for your customers to engage with you by having a unified message. People trust truthful and consistent brands and pay attention to the small details that matter to the customer. By taking a detailed approach to your strategy, you can market to a customer based on the steps of their digital behaviour and give them an extremely personalized experience. Simplify it for them to find and communicate with you on the channels they already use.” 

Furthermore, by incorporating Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics, companies can follow the interactions at every stage. Whether a new customer’s first interaction with the brand via chatbot on their website or an old customer connecting via calls through the contact center agents, they will be able to cover and analyze all channels, even those usually missed. This will also drive innovation by identifying customer needs and requirements and lead to overall improvement by highlighting the problems. Altogether, elevate the brand. 

Track and analyze brand performance

Maintaining a positive brand image in the social and digital media age can be challenging. With Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics, companies can track and analyze brand sentiment across different platforms and ensure that they maintain a positive brand sentiment. In addition, the analysis will bring to light the areas or platforms that need work. The company can then invest in improving its communication and conveying its brand messaging effectively on all the touchpoints.

Whether it’s awareness about the brand’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, their stand on social issues, or simply their products and services, with Interaction Analytics, companies can study how consumers are responding to the overall brand.

Companies can try out different personas and tones and check what works best with their customers based on how they react to the content. Interaction Analytics will further help the company build brand loyalty over time and establish a long-term relationship with customers. They can address their customers, in the way they like and where they want.

Targetted and focused initiatives

One way of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and communication campaigns is through targeted initiatives. Interaction Analytics will enable companies to build focused campaigns through market segmentation across different platforms. This solution will boost the results of the Omnichannel strategy. 

For instance, if the analytics show that most of the audience on digital media is between the ages of 18 and 40 years. Based on the analysis, the digital campaigns could cater specifically to Millenials and Gen Z. Whereas, the email and telemarketing campaigns could speak to the older/traditional consumer base, ensuring that the different channels are utilized resourcefully. 

Conclusion: Omnichannel is the present and the future

It’s time to upgrade to an Omnichannel one to maintain connections with customers and to ensure the brand’s long-term growth. As McKinsey asserts, 

“Companies that get the omnichannel experience right can stay ahead of the curve by being among the first to adapt to an increasingly digital world. The earlier organizations can start using a customer-centric and journey-focused approach to their omnichannel strategy, the sooner they will reap the benefits”. 

With Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics, companies can unlock the following benefits:

1. Capitalize on Omnichannel strategy

2. Analyze interactions and conversations across different platforms

3. Improve customer journey based on insights

4. Increase multichannel efficiency

5. Enhance customer experience through effective actions

6. Track brand interactions and sentiment to build customer loyalty

The solution also allows companies to choose from different permutations and combinations and find out which solution accurately works for them. For example, if a company wishes to get only insights from their email or social media interactions, they could opt for text analytics. On the other hand, they could continue with VoiceAnalytics if speech is their primary focus. And finally, they can expand everything with Interaction Analytics if they wish to make your Omnichannel strategy more effective. Ultimately, they’ll be able to decide which approach fits their goals the best.

So make the switch, update your strategy, and optimize your resources with Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics. 

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