Press Release: Frontline expands services with Xdroid’s Analytics

Vianen, March 6, 2020

Frontline Solutions expands services with Xdroid’s Interaction Analytics solution.

Frontline Solutions, supplier of customer-oriented, and innovative customer contact solutions adds Xdroid’s Voice Analytics solutions to its portfolio. This addition makes it possible to analyze 100% of all customer interactions resulting in insight and continuous process and quality improvement within organizations. Because this solution is offered as a service, customers can easily experience what Interaction Analytics can do for them.

Interaction Analytics
An Interaction Analytics (IA) solution is able to convert all interactions such as phone, chat, mail, etc. into data that is automatically analyzed, making the results with dashboards and reports transparent. This provides structural and reliable insight into what customer contact is about in terms of content. With this insight, organizations give direction to process and quality improvement whose effects can be measured and adjusted continuously and efficiently.

The benefits
In general, organizations can still improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of services.
With Interaction Analytics, this results in:

• Better customer service
• Increase the quality of call handling by the employee
• Optimization of business processes
• Cost reduction

“If you really care about your customers, you have to listen to them. With interaction analytics, you turn the voice of the customer into concrete, feasible improvement initiatives.”

— Hans Reuver
Managing Director of Frontline Solutions

“Xdroid partners offer our innovative and competitive solution to help their customers understand the customer journey and deliver a 360-degree customer view. As a supplier of customer-oriented and innovative customer contact solutions, Frontline Solutions fits perfectly with this, and I look forward to the successful collaboration”

— Gerry de Graaf
Managing Director Xdroid International


About Frontline Solutions

In today’s digital world, personal customer contact is more valuable than ever. Frontline Solutions sets the standard when it comes to accessibility and customer focus in the Benelux market. We translate customer contact challenges into scalable and flexible concepts and offer successful solutions that are implemented and managed. With approximately 30 employees, we support our leading clients, such as Enexis, Print Deal, a.s.r., facility contact center Callexcell and Woonbron from Vianen.

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