British Tax Office will implements Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics

Mechelen, August 3rd, 2021


● Speech analytics company Xdroid, headquartered in Mechelen (Brussel-North), Belgium, and with R&D offices in Budapest, Hungary, has been awarded a project for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the Tax Office in the UK through partner Capita and it’s UK distributor Avoira. 

● This will allow HMRC to analyze over 30 million calls per year, helping them to understand more accurately why customers are contacting HMRC and to spot customer behavior patterns. It will help HMRC to deliver better customer service in the future


Capita announced the award of the contract:

“Under the new contract, Capita will deploy its market-leading Assisted Customer Conversations (ACC) solution, an AI-driven Speech Analytics technology that enables contact center advisors, managers, and quality teams to understand the nature of each customer interaction.

This will allow the british tax office to analyze over 30 million calls per year, helping them to understand more accurately why customers are contacting and to spot customer behavior patterns. HMRC will also be able to better assess the effectiveness and compliance of their internal processes and how well their colleagues are meeting customer needs and managing conversations. As well as increasing efficiency and productivity, it will help the tax office to deliver better customer service in the future.

ACC, which was developed in partnership with Bury-based CX technology specialist Avoira Limited and uses Xdroid Speech Analytics software, transcribes every customer call. It can analyze the words themselves and how they are communicated to provide greater contextual accuracy. This is tailored to the conversational context specific to the organization and identifies customer trends, emotions, and behaviors by using word, phrase, sentiment, and emotion spotting.” The full press release of Capita can be found here.


Gerry de Graaf, Xdroid’s Managing Director, said: 

“We are happy to support Capita as the solution provider for HMRC and help drive their
strategic objectives to deliver better customer service. It is an honor for us to provide the
technology for such a large and complex organization. “


About Xdroid

Xdroid is an independent, privately-owned software development company. This enables them to respond to changes quickly. Xdroid’s Artificial Intelligence solution, based on deep expertise, provides actionable information that leads to measurable results for their customers. Analytics knowledge is the backbone of their development team. Years of experience developing high-tech software for contact centers of financial institutions, utility companies, telecom, and operators give them an incredible edge.


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