Meet us at ICT Nspire by Nextel

On 25th September 2018, Nextel organises its 2nd ICT Nspire event to give ICT experts and managers a peek into the future of how technological innovation will allow them and their companies to always be one step ahead. Every business need requires a different technological approach. Attendees will have the choice between five tracks to be be “nspired”: customers, staff, organisation, data security and operations.

In the HEAD START FOR YOUR STAFF track, one of the sessions will be how artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are at work in speech analytics. Beáta Steigerwald from Aegon will talk at ICT Nspire about how Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics is used to improve the quality of their call center by focusing on all the calls, not just 1-2% of them. Register today!

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